Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

Top 5 Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

Here's some survival myths that could get you killed, in fact they are not really myths at all, because some people have some strange ideas about prepping and survival.
Even the experts differ on many techniques that should be used if you were ever faced with a full on survival situation.
Some are, full on laughable, others painful, but put together they are all quite dangerous myths that may easily get you killed.!


Complete rubbish.

100 %

You can survive very well without food for days, weeks and even up to one month without any food depending on your body makeup.
Finding food is not your first priority.

If you are someone who is naturally of a lean body type, with a low body fat count, then you are going to need to find food sooner than your traditional 'fatty' simple because your body can run quite happily on the stored fat to help you survive longer.

Generally it's considered we can last 30 days without actual food.

just rub two sticks together

Even more rubbish

Staring a fire without matches or any other similar survival aid is an absolute pain...

Even making the tools to make the fire is quite a challenge in itself!

And what about dry wood and a very dry nest of kindling, that is, of course, assuming you can even get an ember or spark.

To make fire from scratch requires bushcraft skills that need to be learned properly and defiantly have to be practised in order to be successful.

I watch all the survival shows on TV
I'll be fine now.

You Think So..!

Firstly, remember you are watching a TV show, and TV and real life are very different.!

Most shows are filmed knowing the outcome, scripted and planned in advance.
With a full safety crew selecting the filming areas and on standby at all times..

You are sitting there in the comfort of your nice safe home, feet up in the warm, a beer in your hand whilst watching someone risking their life and making it all look so easy.

Survival is not easy.

There are a few very good, television expert survivalist - Ed Stafford, Ray Mears, Cody Lundin, Les Stroud being those few.

If you really think watching TV survival is easy - just go out and try it..!

Always suck the poison out of a bite.

Please... NO.

Real research shows that by sucking out the poison from a bite attack will cause far more damage then just treating it medically.

Straightforward first aid is your best bet here

Then get to a hospital as soon as possible. This also applies to stings as well, also ticks will cause problems if unchecked - so get medical treatment asap.

I can drink my own urine
if there's no water.

You've really lost the plot now

Whatever over-hyped rubbish you have seen on TV, drinking your own urine is a bad idea, it may buy you an extra hour before the bad you have just done kicks in, but it really is a no no...

You do far more damage than good.

Drinking urine from an already dehydrated person contains many unwanted nasties.
It's very high in salts and toxins that your body really does not want back inside.

These high salts and toxins will not get processed and will require your body to draw more water to process it.
Look forward to vomiting and diarrhoea on a big scale.

So what are your REAL survival priorities?

Surviving is all about thinking on your feet and adapting to the situation. Prepping is all about being ready for that situation before it happens.
Don't get caught out - get prepared first.

Happy Prepping Folks.


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    • Richard Orton on October 4, 2017 at 5:48 pm
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    Great article but why do you class les stroud as a survival expert after he drank sea water and said it was fine to do so in small quantities?

  1. Good to see a sensible reaction to drinking one’s own urine. I’ve always said that it’s a REALLY bad idea, but people watch these so-called experts on TV (you know who I mean) who insist it’s the right thing to do, and believe them.

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