Top 10 Survival Films and DVD’s

Top 10 Survival Films & DVD's



top 10 survvial filmsSurvival DVD's are a great way to get yourself all fired up for a weekend of prepping and bushcraft. 

They get you in that frame of mind to do things and either catch up on old skills or just go out and be that little bit more daring and take on new survival skills. 

Even if you have seen the DVD before and know how it ends, you'll definitely get that survival buzz to get down and dirty with nature. 

This is my personal top 10 survival films and DVD list for a variety of reason - between these ten different films you experience every survival emotion, every survival fear and will even learn some skills along the way. 

Survival is 90% in the mind and some of my choice below are very firmly based on the physiological decisions you would have to make in order to stay alive. 

Overall they depict the mantra - survival is definitely not easy - how very true.!

Some of my top 10 were made a while back but are all still available on DVD, Blu-Ray and also from Amazon Prime Instant Video. 

Of the three methods above, I always use the Amazon Prime Instant Video for my films - it's stupidly easy and you can get just about any film you want - great invention.! 

So, without further ado, here's my Top 10 Survival Films:



This great survival story is based on Yann Martels's best selling book and directed by Ang Lee who tells the story of a young boys epic survival after a disaster at sea.A disaster that throws him into an epic survival journey, stranded on a lifeboat and cast away with ferocious animals including a massive Bengal tiger.

This is essentially a 'kids' film but don't be fooled into thinking it's all Disney - it's not a fairy tale journey at all.

It's about conquering impossible odds and surviving on your wits with some classic survival scenarios, flawed plans and twists and turns that won Ang Lee and academy award for  'best director'

Life of Pi [DVD]Life of Pi [Blu-ray]reviews button
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"127 Hours," is a harrowing true-life story that depicts survival decisions at their most highest. The true life story of Aron Ralston (portrayed by James Franco) whose mind numbing decisions will really make you think what would you have done in a similar situation.

A survival nightmare that slowly keeps you pinned to the edge of your seat. 

The gruelling survival scenes will make you question your own survival mind-set - would you or wouldn't you..! 

Great survival film and certainly worthy of my top 10 survival films list - enjoy.

127 Hours [DVD]127 Hours [Blu-ray]reviews button
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This is the story of a nameless man, played by Viggo Mortensen, who struggles across an unforgiving landscape after an environmental collapse of America.This apocalyptic movie is his struggle for survival against all the odds of doomsday. 
The Road [DVD]The Road [Blu-ray]  reviews button
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This a  film is based around the non-fiction book that follows the two yeas trail of  Christopher McCandless as he wonders into the wilderness.His hope of solitude leads him to escape the drudgery of his modern civilized lifestyle as he heads for off for Alaska.

Living entirely on his own in the wilderness.He escapes civilization, only to find out that the real life in the Alaska wilderness isn't a family camping trip vacation.

  Into the Wild [DVD] [2007]Into The Wild [Blu-ray] reviews button
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The Grey is a true grit survival film, directed by director Joe Carnahan. A group of unruly, ex-cons roughneck oil-riggers led by Liam Neeson are forced to survive when their plane crashes down into a remote area of Alaska.With ferocious weather and injured riggers they have only days to try and escape from the Alaska element.

Escape is made even more perilous when they begin to be tracked by a pack of viscous wolves hungry for food.

A gritty, rough survival film that make it easily into my top 10 survival films list.

  The Grey [DVD]The Grey [Blu-ray]reviews button
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Despair, pain, panic and hope fight for supremacy in this outstandingly made and acted film.This is a cruelly heart-wrenching film, accurately based on a true-life story of a Spanish family holidaying in Thailand only to be caught up in the 2004 tsunami that devastated the south-east areas of Asia, subsequently killing 230,000 people.

Far more than a conventional disaster movie. The whole tsunami sequence is a master piece of film-making – and what follows is real emotional power.

Starring Ewan McGregor and directed by Juan Antonio Bayona from the script written by Sergio Sánchez, it really shows the physiological and emotional survival battles you need to overcome any disaster and self preservation situation.  

 The Impossible [DVD] [2013]The Impossible[Blu-ray]reviews button
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This is an escape and survival film made on location and filmed in the deepest parts of the  jungle of Thailand, and your really drawn in with never the slightest doubt it's the real jungle.You can sense the hot, humid vegetation and almost smell the rotting ground. 

Dengler (played by Christian Bale) is a POW and endures tortures before making his escape in the 'real' prison that is the jungle.

His harrowing escape is followed only by his even great need to try to survive against nature 

 Rescue Dawn [DVD]Rescue Dawn [Blu-ray]reviews button
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 "All is lost" is a very dramatic portrayal of survival against the odds. The main character, of which there is only one, is played by Robert Radford, as an 77 year old lone sailor.Redford portrays a sequence of survival realisations as he faces no hope' scenarios one after the other.

A physiological top 10 film that's more than just making fire! 

  All Is Lost [DVD] [2013]All Is Lost [Blu-ray]reviews button
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 Post apocalypse America finds lone wanderer (Denzel Washington) walking west across a devastated landscape for 30 years.His fight to survive is fraught with rampaging gangs and people hell bent on taking anything they can.

The law of no law applies and anything goes now society has collapsed. 

A definite, classic doomsday survival scenario that many believe would happen.

The Book of Eli [DVD]The Book of Eli [Blu-ray] reviews button
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Actor  Ryan Reynolds plays a tough trucker working in Iraq when he finds his convoy ambushed and attacked .This film shows the mind games he battles with for his survival as he is buried in a coffin and 'toyed' with by his kidnappers.

You are put into the mindset of survive or die, where death seems the most obvious. 

A good survival film for the mind.

 Buried [DVD]Buried [Blu-ray] reviews button



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