Top 5 Doomsday Scenarios

Top 5 Doomsday Scenarios

Are You Really Prepared For A Doomsday Apocalypse.? 

top 5 doomsday threats

The whole idea of a doomsday apocalypse is nothing new - throughout history there have always been a threat looming just over the horizon that will wipe out mankind.

Every part of history has had its own 'Doomsday Ideas' that were supposed to bring the human race to its knees.

But never before has there been such an understanding of the very real threats that lay ahead for our earth and its fragile occupants.

So What Are The Top 5 Doomsday Scenarios


Astronomical Events

The top astronomical events that could easily effect the stability of our earth are:

  • Solar Flare
  • Mass Coronal Ejection


Electro-Magnetic Pulse

An EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse is one very bad doomsday scenario that would bring the world to its knees.
Effectively sending us back to the dark ages!

An EMP would wipe out the electrical grid and any other electrical appliance or gadget and render it useless.
No more communication, no internet, nothing electrical would work - everything would be fried and useless.

An EMP could be the result of a Solar Flare, a Mass Coronal Ejection or even triggered by a nuclear explosion detonated in the earth's atmosphere.

Either way, we don't want one of them. It would take out 90% of the planet's population as we starve, freeze and slowly die.

Without electricity, we would have none of the services we all take for granted. No heating, cooking, lighting. No communications or internet. No food could be processed or transported to shops.

Welcome to the 16th century...!


Nuclear Wars

Although not as high up on the list as in past years, the threat is still very much out there.

Government controls and treaties have seen measure put in place to prevent such actions.

But not every country upholds or abides by these, making nuclear war a potential doomsday threat. 

But not every country upholds or abides by these, making nuclear war a potential doomsday threat.

Add hok nuclear testing is still carried out by these countries who do not abide by international treaties and agreements. 


Natural Disasters

The earth is currently going through massive changes, far more than ever seen before and at a far quicker rate.

Huge tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes  and global cooling are real threats.

Research and global monitoring shows us there very real threats just over the horizon.

With polar ice caps currently in meltdown due to global warming, the water temperature and levels could cause huge problems.
On the reverse we see polar shift patterns emerging, all of which would produce the opposite effect of a new ice age.

With so much new movement of the earth's tectonic plates we are seeing huge uplifts of land - the recent japanese tsunami being an example of these enormous powers, giving rise to devastating events.

The current amounts of movement seen by scientist monitoring the earth are showing an unprecedented amount of activity across the globe.

Regardless of distance, a natural disaster can affect the UK from the other side of the world.

The global jet stream will transport anything that goes into it - a massive volcano eruption will carry deadly noxious gas around the globe with ease.

The resulting fallout can cause illness and disease throughout that country with no way of stopping it happening.

Pandemics - natural biological disaster

Biological Pandemics occur every so often - the Ebola outbreak springs to mind. But a Pandemic event can easily kill hundreds of thousands of people once it gets hold.

This type of natural disaster, if left untreated, would wipe out a huge part of the worlds population.


Global Economic Collapse 

This features as the top concern for the world's prepping community.

Never before has there been such high amounts of instability amongst the financial world.

And it's getting worse.

The biggest world leading country, The United States Of America, is currently deep into an unfathomably large amount of national debt, to the sum of over 18 TRILLION DOLLARS...!

Here's a real time live feed of the current debt.!

Just about every country in the world is in some sort of debt. As these debts continue we see a resulting failure of the overall social supports systems.

It would be a forgone conclusion that civil unrest and a breakdown of society would follow a collapse.

The very frightening thing is the fact that once it starts there's no stopping it!
Every country will follow.

There has never been a more urgent time and need to prepare
for a doomsday disaster than now.

When the SHTF, your life insurance, house and car insurance won't be worth diddly squat....

Maybe you should think seriously about your real survival insurance and start prepping now.

Happy Prepping Folks.


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    • Nick in Wales on February 13, 2016 at 11:40 am
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    I read this and chuckled from the first paragraph, an “Astrological Event”? An “Astrological Event” is a phenomenon relating to astrology, thus civilisation brought to collapse by the alignment of the planets as interpreted by a horoscope. Methinks you mean an “Astronomical Event”? We have little to fear from astrology apart from it being an example of human irrationality and pseudoscience. 🙂 PS. I think it’s “ad hoc” not “add hok”. N

    1. ooppss.. Thanks Nick,
      corrected accordingly.
      Schoolboy error there!!!

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