Ultimate Shelter The Tree Tent Hammock

Ultimate Shelter
The Tree Tent Hammock

For a while now I have been trying to take a new bit of kit out with me and see how how easy it is to setup - at last I have had the chance, during a three day hike I planned to stop at woodlands that would be the perfect place for these overnight stops and try out my new Tree Tent Hammock - 

As much as I like getting 'down n dirty' with a bivvy tent, I do much prefer hanging out in a hammock...

I like a hammock for many reasons, and being off the ground is one of the main ones.

Without a doubt, if I can use my hammock, I will.
Not always possible though, especially if I don't know exactly where I'm heading.

But today I have set off on a three day hike and know exactly where I'm going and Ive even planned where I intend to spend the night.

Beter still, I get a chance to try out my new sleeping setup - a Tent Hammock..

Yes, thats right, a Hammock & Tent Combo that gives you the freedom to sleep anywhere above the ground, plus the comfort of a tent.

I have documented this tent hammock in the review video below:

The Tent Hammock I am using here is the Tensile Suspended Tent Hammock

This is heavy duty gear and requires heavy duty straps and ratchets to keep it nice and tought

As you can see here
this isn't ultra lightweight gear.!

In fact this tent hammock will sleep two people and has a safe working load of 220kg.

Thats more than enough for me AND my kit inside the hammock..!

Although not really in the ultra lightweight league, the whole lot still only weighs 3kg.
Gasp, yes I know, 3kg is a lot to some people, but it's a two man setup, so in theory, the other person doesn't carry any weight?! If you see what I mean?

3kg can be handled by the other person, which is a lot of ancillary kit you can have with you.

Video Review:
TENSILE Tent Hammock

Check Below For Prices & Availability:


I have managed to secure a discount coupon code for the this hammock
for an extra 15% off please use this code:


Since this video I have changed out and upgraded two of the three hanging straps.

I have removed the corner hanging rings and replaced with a couple of mountaineering grade (2200kg) carabinners and also two adjustable hammock straps shown here.
I did not get the extra two ratchets in the end - too much additional weight.!

Changing out these two components works very well and has made the setup and time quite a bit quicker - it's a good 'upgrade' and works well.

My Thoughts......

As you saw in my video, the Tree Tent Hammock is a great gear and really did work well.
I was very impressed with suspended tent / hammock and had a good couple of nights sleep in it.

Overall, I had no problems with it and it's some gear that's worth considering for all prepping needs.

I would definitely recommend it thoroughly.
*and don't forget to use the 15% off coupon code....

Happy Prepping Folks.


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