What Are Prepper Risks

What Are Prepper Risks.?

Believe it or not, everyone is a prepper.  Well, to some extent anyway. So what makes your idea of prepping differ from your neighbours or friends at work?

Your neighbour will ensure they have a spare type in their car, just in case. You know, for the 'what ifs' in order to be prepared for a possible puncture along the way.  Making him a level 1 prepper.!!!  He doesn't really know it, but at least he's on ​the first rung of the prepping ladder.

It's now up to you to take that initial, level 1 prepper, and start climbing the ladder .  But what are the first things you should be doing?

As with any new project, it is imperative to Identify The Risk to you and your family.​ But What Are Prepper Risks?

Definition Of RISK In The English | Oxford Dictionary


  1. 1.expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss."he risked his life to save his dog"
    synonyms:endanger, put at risk, put in danger, expose to danger, put on the line, take a chance with, imperil, jeopardize, put in jeopardy, hazard, gamble (with), bet, wager, chance, venture


  1. 1.a situation involving exposure to danger."flouting the law was too much of a risk"
    synonyms:possibility, chance, probability, likelihood, danger, peril, threat, menace, fear, prospect

Prepping is not about sitting around watching YouTube videos of other preppers, and daydreaming about the doomsday situation you may find yourself in one day.
Instead it's about accessing the risks to you, your family and home, as well as your way of life.
Only you can determine your own Prepper Risks.  You need to be ready for events that can unfold before you eyes. Right there in your own street and neighbourhood.

What Are Your Prepper Risks And How To Identify Them

  • Seek out and identify potential threats
  • Prioritise each threat to achieve a potential 'threat level'.
  • For each level threat - make a 'plan A'
    • The higher the threat level - add alternative plan B, C etc
  • Actively prepare for that plan: 
    • Stockpile supplies & equipment
  • Practice and train for threat scenarios

What are the risks of this happening to you?

How Can You Identify Potential Threats

Stop and ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • How well do you know you neighbours, and others in your area?
  • How well are you prepared at the moment?
  • Are there any known unsavoury characters in your area?
  • Does your area have a big shopping centre?
  • How isolated are you from the masses?
  • Are you on a drive through route?
  • Are you on a UK flood plain or does your area suffer natural threats?
  • Are you on a train route?
  • And as many more questions as you can think of.!

This potential threats list can be as extensive as you want.  But by gathering information like the above you will build a picture of your very own potential prepper threat risk level.

Once these levels have been achieved, it's time to put them in order and prioritise the treat level.

Assessing The Prepper Risks

Mush like a business risk assessment, if you want to thrive AND stay alive, you simply have to know what are your highest risk factors.

Genuine risks that appertain to your, the area you work and live in,  and where these risks fit in the big prepping picture.​

Without knowing the dangers, your are setting yourself up to fail.​

What Are The Risks You Face

Now you can make a plan

A written plan of action is all you need to start off.  Identify strong and weak areas that could effect how you stay alive in a full SHTF situation - always plan for the worse case scenario.

You must start with the high risk areas and address them first, even making a plan B or C to ensure the very worse is covered.

Share your plans with the family members involved *(and possibly other preppers) and discus how everyone feels about it. 

Assess And Plan

Now 'Get Ready And Up Your Game' And Prep

Building on your assessment of the possible risks, and the priority in which you intend to tackle them:
It's time to build a prepping kit around them.

Immediate dangers should be addressed first, as well as developing a generic survival kit that has multi uses.

In my opinion, it's far better to tailor your gear to your own needs - off the shelf preppers kits are not really what you will need.

Get ready to prep

Get Out And Practice

You know the risks, and you have a decent amount of kit to enable you to move on now.

Do not just buy gear and leave it stashed under the stairs, never to be used!

Prepping requires both time and effort to be effective.  Set aside times during the month specifically for you prepping practice.
Double checking gear and actually using it to familiarise yourself with it's principles.

Assess And Plan

Involve all members of your 'prepping family' and ensure each member knows their role in the big plan.  This is important should something happen to you - could someone take control and do your prepping job?

Now you have established exactly what are preppers risks and how they apply to you, the rest is simple....
Need I say more?

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