What Is OPSEC..?

OPSEC is a military term that's often used in the prepping and survival world?
It stands for: Operations Security or Operational Security and is a measure of whether critical information can be passed on or leaked to a third party.
In a nutshell it's all about making sure none of the bad guys have any information on you or your planned operations that they could use against you and compromise you, as an individual or your group.

Most preppers will have heard of OPSEC as it is banded about in prepping circles quite a lot. In fact, any prepper will tell you, 'always practice good OPSEC, you never know who's listening, and quite right to.
If you go around telling everyone you're a prepper and you have supplies for this and supplies for that, then you giving away far too much information and could quite easily compromise your own Operational Security.

OPSEC doesn't only refer to keeping you mouth closed either.

You have to be vigilant about every aspect of your life, prepping related or not.

Do not allow anyone the chance of knowing about your prepping supplies, about how you prep or even the fact that you do prep.

That information is only disclosed to a very tight circle of fellow preppers.

Bank account details, credit card details and especially passwords must be kept well away from prying eyes. Even letters addressed to yourself, especially from banks, insurance and the like - these must be shredded

Even more worrying nowadays is the introduction of contactless credit and debit cards. 

These new cards are a thieves delight.
With some simple scanning equipment the thief can have your money transferred in milliseconds, without getting too close to you.

Even more worrying is the fact that the details they can collect leave you wide open to all kinds of problems in the future.

To combat this security breach and stop you information going to unsavoury types, there are a couple of simple precautions you can make.

The scanner used can be blocked quit easily and simply using either a credit card sleeve or a full wallet that offers RFID protection.

RFID protection means the bad guys can't read your card details or take your money.

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification and is basically a chip or tag that gives of a signal that can be read by a scanner when it gets close.

For that main reason I would suggest using either the RFID protection sleeves for all your cards or invest in  screened and protected RFID wallet like the ones shown here:

Next in the personal details list is your rubbish - do not ever, ever just throw away any documents that relate to any of your personal details, ever, ever, ever..!!!!

You will be amazed at what information about you and your family can be extracted from the rubbish you throw away.

My way of thinking is just keep quiet and don't give anything away that may compromise yourself.

You really don't need to tell everyone you meet that you are a prepper, they're not interested, honestly, they're not..

Don't put stuff on Facebook or Tweet about your latest high velocity crossbow purchase or the nice rambo knife you've just bought. There's no need.
You will always find someone who objects and, worse case scenario, casually reports you to the authorities and bam, you are public enemy number one.

May sound a bit over the top, but you have to make some effort to keep under the radar.

Do not overlook the importance of this short article.

This is something all preppers must do.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide
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    I’m building.a new house and would like to build a safe room with food storage and survival equipment for 30 days. Do you know any consultants that could assist?

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