What Is The Problem With Prepping

What Is The Problem With Prepping

The main problem with prepping and preppers themselves, is we always overthink things

We are, in effect, our own worse enemy, creating wants and needs for as many disaster scenarios as we can. Whether a man-made disaster, or a disaster that is out of our control, we overthink them and analyse them to the Nth degree.
Then we whittle out our own plans and strategies for our complete survival of such events.

Problem is, actually ignoring it is potentially worse than the over thinking, and will get you in far more trouble in the long run.

* Prepping Never Ends

The biggest problem I have found with being a prepper is, it's a never ending process of evaluation and re-evaluation.

This whole idea of re-evaluation is done on a very regular basis as we decide our next big purchase. Do we need it, or do we simply want it because it's the latest gizmo, or our freinds have one and it looks good, so I have to have one.!

But more essentially, will add value to my prepping gear or food stash? I have a list of items required to cover the important eventualities that I perceive as my top disaster scenarios. But things change, and last year priority is no longer this years, and so it goes on, and on, and on....

But at least there's a list and a plan of action - essential for successful prepping.

* Do You Have Good Food Store?

No, of course you haven't - there's always room for more supplies and provisions. Stock rotation goes on constantly as food is consumed within our daily routine.
Yet food supplies is one of the top prepping requirements for survival.

Therefore stocking and re-stocking are a constant prepping activity.

But what is the problem with prepping for food?  None really, except you may evolve into actually making your own food preps - dehydrating and vacuum packing your own grow foods and storing them too.

Then there's the food list for bugout or a GoBag - this will be changing as we go through the seasons.

* Do You Ha​ve A Foolproof Bug Out Plan?

Or, for that matter a Bug In plan.! Or any other plan for escape and avoiding any danger situations.

Hopefully you have, and as well as a main plan of action, you have backup plans as well.
But what about if things go a bit wonky? Do all family member know the escape and meet up procedures?

As potential events change, even in relatively safe times, you need to be accessing your escape plans and ensuring everything is up to date.

Failing to do this could bring on massive prepping problems and potential failure.

* Just A Few More Prepping Problem Possibilities

  • bus
    Bug Out Vehicle - what is your escape plan if your using a vehicle?
  • Bug Out Safe House - do you have a planned place of safety to bug out to?
  • Power Generator & Fuel - bugging in? then this a generator is a good investment
  • Personal Protection - what have you got for defence?
  • shopping-bag
    Bug Out Gear - does every family member have their own?

* So What Good Is Prepping Then?

This whole article leads to one basic point - never become complacent and think you have it all your prepping needs fully covered.
Have your 'to do' list, and stick to it where possible - but always be ready to change and upgrade that list to suit current conditions.

Prepping is a massive hobby! You'll never be fully satisfied with what you have, and always be moving forward to have the best you can.

So long as your always looking ahead and trying to keep abreast of the disaster times, almost pre-empting events, you will know instinctively what is needed to be added to your gear.

You' never be anywhere near as prepared as you want to be, but give it time and you'll get pretty close....

Happy Prepping Folks.  Steve

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    • Mark Bloomfield on October 25, 2017 at 4:37 pm
    • Reply

    Great content, Steve, and I really appreciate what you do.

    You have the best interests of the human race at heart, and that deserves respect.

    Cheers from a British ex-pat, and fellow prepper!

    Mark Bloomfield,…from one of Croatia’s many survivor-friendly islands.

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