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The Bug Out Bike – Bicycling Survival When The SHTF.

The Bug Out Bicycle Even when you are comfortably pedalling along, a bicycle is still three times faster than walking. That means you would take an average of 3 hours to walk 10 miles as opposed to only 1 hour using a bike. In fact, a half decent rider can easily reach speeds of 17 …

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Survival and Bushcraft Schools and Courses around the UK

  Survival & Bushcraft Schools and Courses in the UK Prepping is all about survival – although there is a lot of information on the internet, there’s nothing that beats actually ‘doing it’ for real. Learning your bushcraft and survival skills from a good survival school is something well worth considering  – there are lots …

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Prepping and Survival Websites

Meet our prepping & survival friends: There are thousands of preppers in the Uk and around the world all working towards a common goal. The UK Preppers Guide aims to give you first class information and skills to help you succeed. below is a list of some of our prepping & survival friends.     …

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