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Prepping Bookshop

Prepping Bookshop    We have put together a bookshop of Prepping books. These books cover all forms of survival, divided up into the various survival categories. In a disaster scenario, you may well have not access to technology and that means the internet… An awful lot of people depend on the internet for there most basic …

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Klarus LED Tactical torch Range

Klarus LED Tactical torch Range  Klarus are one of the top LED torch manufacturers – producing LED Tactical Torches that are more than suitable for us preppers. Their range goes from key chain torches right through to very high power search lights – all with amazing features and qualities. I personally recommend Klarus torches and …

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EDC, 72 hr and Bug Out Bag Survival Equipment

EDC, 72 hr and Bug Out Bag Survival Equipment  As preppers you must be able to respond to any disaster situation immediately. Always carrying the correct survival equipment can mean the difference between life and death – having the ability to get out of a disaster and survive for 72 hrs will increase your survival …

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Casual Prepper Clothing

girl dressed in camo

Casual Prepper Wear  For the more modern Prepper about town…! Looking for some prepping related casual clothes to wear around the house and beyond? We have our collection of clothing from sellers and retailers from around the web.  Prepper wear for adults, children and babies, in all sizes to fit the whole family. Just click …

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