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 Could you survive – Should you be a UK Prepper 

What If you woke up tomorrow morning to a disaster situation, how long do you think you could survive?

man wit air rifleI am UK Prepper and know that being prepared for a Doomsday situation is on the increase in this country as more people become aware of just how fragile our society is really becoming.

Prepping is all about survival – from building up supplies and hunkering down in your home to learning wilderness survival skills and being able to live in the wild.

Regardless of the reason for a total meltdown of our countries rules and laws, there’s one simple prepping rule that that we all stick to……..

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

UK Preppers come from all walks of life. Different backgrounds and upbringings. But all those people in the the British Isles are smart enough to realize the potential for something to go very wrong.

From various natural disasters and climate changes to man made  economic meltdown, we are fast approaching the point of a total breakdown of society.

With a possible Doomsday just around the corner, we must be ready to survive with a fully equipped Bug Out Bag for a real immediate emergency and your home fully stocked and equipped with essential  supplies in order for you to last and become a true survivalist. 

london in ruins Just how long do you think you would survive

If you’re thinking of preparing for the future, then now’s the time. Prepping is now seen as a very viable and important thing to do, especially with the rise of TV coverage it has been getting.

This website will help you with facts, information and survival tips  –  so don’t put it off until tomorrow, because that tomorrow is fast approaching us all.

You need to start planning your emergency kit for any Doomsday scenario right now – Look around you and take a look at the state of things in the world today – could you survive?.

Would you stay or would you go..?

What happens when your home and your family are put in danger? Would you be able to survive? Could you hunker down and sit it all out?  

Or maybe you’ll have to up n go – leave your home and go under the radar, away from all the chaos…. Would you really be able to survive?

You will need a long term survival plan……… Do you have one?

How long would you really survive.?

Did you know, you can only last about 3 days without water, before your main organs begin to fail – do you have enough supplies or water filtering equipment for you and your family if the supply were to become contaminated…?

You need to start planning how you will survive a doomsday situation and begin your prepping as the doomsday clock has started ticking and it’s only a matter of time before it affects you and your family.

This prepping and survival website has lots of information to help you along the way.

From choosing the best survival knife to finding the best water filter, there’s full video reviews and informative articles covering all aspects of bushcraft skills, survival, camping, hiking, essential clothing and footwear as well as lots of survival equipment, all with helpful tips for everyone looking to safeguard your family and your home from potential disaster.

We promote local UK bushcraft and survival shows and offer information to help our reader gather more knowledge and be more prepared by learning new skills.


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