Jan 06 2018

UK Weapons and Firearms Law updated January 2018

What UK Weapons
Can You Legally Own?

Many UK citizens think that ALL firearms are illegal, and therefore unavailable to the UK public - this is not true.
You have the perfect right to own many types of firearms, but you must be able to have a good reason to do so.
For full, in depth details, check out the UK Home Office Guidelines for firearms.

Below Is A General Guide:
Firearms You Can Legally Own In The UK

UK Legal Firearms

UK Legal Firearms: Top to bottom

  • Civilian Hunting Rifle
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun
  • AR15
  • AKM
  • Anti-Material/Sniper Rifle
  • Long Barrelled Revolver (LBR)

As well as the above firearms, you can own a shotgun -
*in general*, shotguns under 3 capacity (2+1) Section 2 only require a Shotgun Cert (SGC). 

The list List is by no means exhaustive, there are hundreds of flavours of firearms available in UK.

uk firearms law certificate

All these above weapons will require a Firearms Certificate, but, once you have been fully vetted by the police, and have fully satisfied all the legal requirements they are all perfectly legal for a UK citizen to own.

Steve Hart UK Prepper

The information here is true as of article date, and there are no current legislation changes to the UK firearms laws in the pipeline.


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    • Freddy on February 10, 2018 at 11:57 pm
    • Reply

    I think you miss the point: in a real SHTF situation you don’t need to worry about your day in court.

    • sniffer2000 on January 11, 2018 at 6:46 am
    • Reply

    Whether legal or not… it´s like being forbidden directly for Englishers to defend themselves. What difference
    does it make whether the guns are allowed or not ?

    When you defend yourself, you become thrown into jail for a long time same as in Germany. Both are
    countries that are so utterly destroyed, that they never will come up in their life time ever. When even
    cops defend themselves in Germany they can get 4 years in prison for manslaughter very, very easily
    even when not killing the suspect or tried manslaughter.

    The attourneys are so leftist that they even top Lenin, Marx or Yagoda. Even if you are allowed to have
    guns after 20 psychological tests, 10 approvals and 200 permissions…. when one defends itself with in
    a clear self defense situation, it never becomes acknowledged !!! It looks fine in theory but fails in reality !
    I know of what I am talking of since been robbed 2x in my house. The robbers got no penalty and when I
    stopped one 3rd time, cops arrested me and asked the intruder whether I harmed him and were heart
    bleeding. That he had a knife was no theme of discussion for them.

    I had huge problems and did not even kill anybody. I shot the asshole into the shoulder, had reperation
    to pay, the judge was polarized and on the burglar´s side. My lawyer was a loser and was no help at
    all. Forget it ! With politicians as Blair or Merkel there is no hope anymore….. even when one would
    be allowed to have fully automatical weapons in UK it´s useless since there is no self defense law
    that covers one in such a situation, even the cops are being kicked their 3 letters in the streets.
    I am glad not to be born in those 2 countries and when I would immediately move away where it´s
    not sick like that . Even USA is a better option then. The worst enemy of any decent human being
    is not the mugger or criminal alone, it´s the justice system when judges deny you all rights in a court.
    There are so many wonderful laws written but they become overrun and not applied, ignored and
    so badly abused that lady justice craves instantly of shock. Instead of investing into a gun, you guys
    should buy flight tickets away from UK.

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