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Jan 06 2018

Bugout And Prepping Clothing Taiga Swedish Army Mountain Paclite

Essential Bugout And Prepping ClothingTaiga Swedish Army Mountain Paclite Gore-Tex Jacket And TrousersGuest Article By: Des from Des Cattys YouTube ChannelAs preppers or outdoor practitioners, we are always striving to reach a personal pinnacle in our training and also with our equipment selection and choice whether its clothing, water prep and purification, shelter building or first …

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Jan 30 2017

How Will Donald Trump Affect UK Prepping

How Will Donald Trump Affect UK Prepping The man has only been in office a short while and the world is already standing up and taking notice, and that very much includes us here in Great Britain, but how will Donald Trump affect UK prepping – will it be good for us or bad? Well …

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Jan 20 2017

8th Bushcraft Magazine May Bank Holiday Meet

The 8th Bushcraft-Magazine May Bank Holiday Meet A Bushcraft Show Not To Missed…. On the weekend of the first May Bank Holiday, this year falling on 28th April – 1st May, the Bushcraft Magazine is holding its eigth annual gathering in Egerton, near Ashford in Kent. The May Meet is a great opportunity to book …

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Jan 18 2017

Essential Survival Aids – Cooking Stoves

caveman cooking chicken

ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL AIDSCooking StovesOne of the top 5 survival skills is being able to procure your food and then be able to successfully cook that food. ​Fortunately, nowadays there are many survival aids which will allow you to do just that with relative ease. Modern design, and high quality manufacturing materials, means it is possible to …

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Jan 06 2017

Bushcraft Skills V Prepping Equipment

Bushcraft Skills V Prepping Equipment Prepping and Bushcraft go hand in hand, they overlap in so many areas it hard to see how they can exist without each other. Going back to the very early ages, man had no prepping equipment at all, all the tools were either found or improvised from natural objects in …

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Jan 05 2017

Best LED Head Torch For Bugout, Camping and Hiking

Could This Be The Best LED Head Torch For Bugout, Camping And Hiking? Bugout and Wild Camping are essential skills to practice whenever you can, and having a good wild camp kit, with the right gear is also essential.As it starts to get dark you normally find yourself beavering away setting up your camp and …

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Jan 04 2017

EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For Preppers

What Are The EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For PreppersPreppers EDC [everyday carry] will consist of mostly the same gear for emergency survival.IT does, however, begin to change as you see people personalising their EDC to fit their particular situations. For example: If I were going to, or working in an harsh environment, I would consider an emergency shelter …

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Jan 04 2017

Training And Practice For Bugging Out

Training And Practice For Bugging OutAll preppers have supplies and equipment to help survive a disaster situation.We have a plan if X,Y or Z were to happen – we all have escape plans if you need to get out of your area, away from the possible danger.In a hurry: Skip straight to my wild camp kit …

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Jan 04 2017

Top Survival Foods You Must Store When SHTF For Prepping And Survival

Top Survival Foods You Must Store When SHTF For Prepping And Survival My list of top survival foods you must stockpile and store before the SHTF.Also bear in mind the fact that your food stockpile is not all about waiting for the SHTF – no way. In fact a good food storage system will cover …

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Jan 02 2017

Best Knots For Survival Fishing

All Preppers Need To Know Best Knots For Survival FishingProcuring your food by fishing is the most straightforward, easiest and least time consuming method of obtaining food in a survival situation.Everything about fishing can be simplified and made a very straightforward process. However, one of the most annoying parts of successfully catching fish is when one slips …

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Jan 01 2017

Doomsday Prepping – The Ultimate Prepper

Doomsday Prepping – Are You Ready For Anything? I’m a Doomsday Prepper and I’m prepping for everything..!Yeah right, of course you are… We here that all the time from the more extreme preppers around the world. But what does it actually mean to different people who consider themselves to be preppers? Prepper Level 1 (basic)Some …

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Jan 26 2015

Prepping Bookshop


Prepping Bookshop    We have put together a bookshop of Prepping books. These books cover all forms of survival, divided up into the various survival categories. In a disaster scenario, you may well have not access to technology and that means the internet… An awful lot of people depend on the internet for there most basic …

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