EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For Preppers

What Are The EDC
Everyday Carry Essentials For Preppers

Preppers EDC [everyday carry] will consist of mostly the same gear for emergency survival.
IT does, however, begin to change as you see people personalising their EDC to fit their particular situations.

For example: If I were going to, or working in an harsh environment, I would consider an emergency shelter to be a high priority. As opposed to my work involving having to travel a lot in my car.

There would be generic items and specific items, just depends on what you consider high priority.

In this article I am highlighting my personal EDC kit..
It is the kit I carry when I am working in a city, in this case London, and need to travel a lot on the underground rail system, as well as moving around London at day or night.

I have made four review videos detailing the gear I carry ~ you can find them below and on my  along with many other videos and gear reviews on Prepping, Survival & Bushcraft   

EDC Kit Review Part 1:

See my full review article for the Olight HeadTorch here

EDC Kit Review Part 2:

See my full review article for the FireMask F-60 here

EDC Kit Review Part 3:

EDC Kit Review Part 4:

Inventory Of EDC
Everyday Carry Essentials For Preppers

Steve Hart UK Prepper

As you can see in my videos, I have taken time to put together a specific EDC for my needs. Your may be different to suit your needs.

Whatever gear you include in your own everyday carry bag, make it suitable for the disaster scenarios that can apply to you.

But whatever you do - do it now..!
Get a sensible EDC for yourself, and always have it with you.

Happy Prepping Folks,


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