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EDC Must Have Survival Emergency Gear
FireMask F60

Carrying your EDC to and from work is common amongst us preppers. But there are areas we travel in that make an EDC essential and there is one item that is absolutely essential to pack.

In this image we see flumes of smoke coming from the underground train station.

Now, we all carry slightly different gear, but there is always certain basic items we must carry with us.

These items can make getting out of a disaster situation 100 times more possible than without them.

The above example is the 2003 South Korea Daegu Subway Station fire, where some 192 people lost their lives and hundreds more injured,
For those that got out, smoke and toxic fume inhalation was, and still is a major concern for them.

For many of these people having a fire protection mask with them could easily have saved them..!

What type of fire mask protection do you need.?

A dust protection mask just has to be in your EDC - they are cheap, compact and lightweight, making them ideal kit to have with you.

BUT, this type of face mask will only give you give SOME protection against smoke and toxic fumes. 
But it is most definately NOT THE BEST TYPE to have in your EDC.

FFP3 respirators are suggested for use against airborne viruses in occupational settings. But not against the heat and fumes of a fire.

How To Avoid Smoke Inhalation During A Disaster fire

Being prepared will always means having the right equipment, plus knowing what to do with it - a general FFP3 face mask will work if worried about inhaling viruses, as well as protecting from general dust and particles you don't want to breath in.

A fire escape situation is quite different.

Carrying a proper fire/smoke mask will ensure your chances of survival are massively increased .

These masks are designed specifically to give you protection and time to escape without breathing in toxic fumes.

A mask like FireMask F-60 is respiratory protective device, specifically designed to protect you from the dangers of inhalation of smoke, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia, toxic gases, fire, and radiant heat.

With one of these masks you gain an extra 60 minutes of breathing time - allowing time for escape from the smoke and fumes

click image for fitting sequence

FireMask F60 Video Review

Why I Have A Firemask In My EDC

The mask works by providing additional layers of protection against the smoke and fumes: 

As a respiratory protective device, the main aim is to help you breath whilst making an escape.

This is something a 'normal' face mask cannot do - This mask will give ypu full protection against the smoke, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia, toxic gases, fire, and any radiant heat.

Check Prices & Availability Here::

Firemask supply two different safety packs

This is the FireMask F-60 only

This pack contain 1x FireMask in a vacuum sealed pack ready for use.

Current Price under £22.00

This is the Firemask F-60 pack

Pack contains 1x FireMask PLUS heat resisitant gloves and a carry case

Currently Out Of Stock

One final thing:
If you had to use your FireMask to escape a fire, it's fully covered by their lifetime replacement guarantee.

Meaning your never be without a mask.

That's a pretty good recommendation for the product eh.

All I can say is:
Absolutely essential bit of prepping kit..! 
Your safety is paramount and anything that makes escape from a dangerous situation easier, is definitely something you need in your EDC kit..

Without a doubt, I highly recommend the; FireMask F-60.

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  1. Interesting read. I have an FFP3 mask in my go bag incase of an outbreak of some kind. The heatproof mask looks cool!

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