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May 30 2017

SAS Tactical Survival Bow For Hunting Survival And Bugout Bag

SAS Tactical Survival Bowby Survival Archery Systems In this review article I will be showing you an age old method for food procurement that is a reliable means to put food on your table in any disaster or survival situation. Quick Navigation Full Video Test & Review ​SAS Tactical Survival Bow Buy Here: As preppers we are all …

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May 25 2017

Essential Knots For Bushcraft Survival And Prepping

Essential KnotsFor Bushcraft Survival And PreppingFirstly some of the terms used before you begin to tie knots: The LoopCinching Up​ The BightThe Toggle The Working End​The Standing End In a hurry:  Skip straight to full video tutorial review here:  Below are some of my favourite knots that I tend to use the most.  These knots can …

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May 24 2017

How To Baton Wood With A Knife And Without A Knife

Basic Bushcraft SkillsHow To Baton Wood With A Knife One of the most consistant task you will do when out wild camping, or in a survival situation, is process wood to make a fire.  Processing wood is simply working the wood into manageable pieces. Once you have processed your wood down to small enough pieces, then …

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Apr 26 2017

How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival

Basic Survival Skills:How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival A camp fire is one of the most basic necessities for survival, and there are many ways to make one.  The hardest part has always been how to actually get the fire started in the first place. Using dry tinder that will catch a …

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Apr 25 2017

How To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting

Bushcraft SkillsHow To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting In Wet Conditions Ever tried lighting a camp fire in wet rainy conditions?  Difficult isn’t it.  In fact, sometimes just starting a camp fire to boil up some water for a brew or cook your dinner can be a problem. In this article I want to …

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Apr 20 2017

How To Make A Camp Fire With One Log

Bushcraft Skills:How To Make A Camp Fire With One Log​ Being out in the wild can be summed up in one word – a camp fire.  Having a glowing camp fire is natures TV.  It’s a source of great psychological comfort and reassurance. And epitomises the great outdoors. There are, of course, hundreds of different …

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Apr 03 2017

Portable Folding Wood Burning Camp Stove Review

BRS 116 camp stove

Portable Folding Camp Stove Review | BRS – 116 In this gear review I am looking at the BRS-116 Potable Folding Camp Stove. This cooking stove has an interesting design and concept for outdoor survival in so much as it incorporates a forced draft air system. Essentially what that means is no more puffing and blowing on …

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Jan 05 2017

Best LED Head Torch For Bugout, Camping and Hiking

Could This Be The Best LED Head Torch For Bugout, Camping And Hiking? Bugout and Wild Camping are essential skills to practice whenever you can, and having a good wild camp kit, with the right gear is also essential.As it starts to get dark you normally find yourself beavering away setting up your camp and …

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Jan 04 2017

EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For Preppers

What Are The EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For PreppersPreppers EDC [everyday carry] will consist of mostly the same gear for emergency survival.IT does, however, begin to change as you see people personalising their EDC to fit their particular situations. For example: If I were going to, or working in an harsh environment, I would consider an emergency shelter …

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Nov 28 2016

EDC Must Have Gear | FireMask F60

EDC Must Have Survival Emergency GearFireMask F60Carrying your EDC to and from work is common amongst us preppers. But there are areas we travel in that make an EDC essential and there is one item that is absolutely essential to pack. In A Hurry? How To Avoid Smoke Inhalation During A Disaster fireFireMask F60 Video …

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Nov 18 2016

Good Locking Knives For Preppers | Lock Knife For Sale | Review Videos

Folding Lock Knives Review and For SaleThis article is solely about folding lock knives: With video reviews of each locking knife shown, and also links to the lock knife sale page for each one. The locking knife is, without doubt, far more desirable than a non locker, and generally far more useful for everyday pocket …

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Nov 11 2016

Good LED Torch For Prepping EDC

Good LED Torch For EDC Everyday Carry remains a topic that is discussed quite a lot among preppers and survivalist throughout the prepping community.So deciding on what items suit the needs of your EDC can need some thought – except a few……A decent torch is one of those items that you simply must have your …

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