KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting and Survival Knife

Survival Knife Review – KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting and Survival Knife

This is my No:1 favorite survival knife of all time – quite a strong statement to make right at the start of this review but the Ka-Bar US Army Fixed Blade Knife has everything and has never let me down for any trask I have asked of it.

The  KA-BAR  originates from the USA and still is still made there to this day.

old photo of ka bar knife

This all round survival knife was developed and made during World War II, and was subsequently introduced to the United States Forces around 1942.

It soon became a very firm favourite with all military personnel, unfortunately, it stopped being issued to the military after the end of WWII.

The  KA-BAR was definitely still in combat use during the Korean, Vietnam, and also the Gulf War, and still remains a very firm favourite amongst many hunters and survivalists today.

In this review I will go over the main points why this knife is always ranked up as one of the top knives and what makes it a true survival knife






Ka-Bar US Army Fixed Blade Knife

Blade length: 7 inches

Overall length: 11 7/8 inches

Shape: Clip

Stamp: USMC

Edge angle: 20 degrees

Steel: 1095 Cro-Van

Grind: Flat

Handle material: Leather

TheKa-Bar US Army Fixed Blade Knife has a full tang and is extremely tough. The actual leather rings that make up the handle are compressed down through the tang, and then fixed into position by using the pommel end cap.

The very distinctive rings are machined onto the handle and then coated in a “waterproof resin lacquer” which hardens off to give the handle its solid feel.

With a full grind 7″ straight edged blade, it will hold a sharp edge for a very long time before needing any attention – making this knife so perfect for any wilderness survival situation.

I have found that the KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting and Survival Knife uses the 1095 cro-van steel, meaning you really don’t need any specialized tools or special methods to re-sharpen the blade – no specialized diamond stones or special equipment needed – I have actually been able to re-sharpen and put a new edge on mine using a paving slab….

The actual blade shape of theKa-Bar US Army Fixed Blade Knife is extremely well finished – it has good sharp point, that’s nicely curved – this “belly” means you can perform most bushcraft and survival tasks like slice, skin and dress just about any kill with ease.

I think the straight portion of the blade is more than good enough for most other ‘normal’ survival tasks you will need when in the wilderness – as well as a very capable knife for personal protection, namely,  thrusting and slashing – plus all the second nature actions when used in a combat situation.

You can batton timber with pure ease as well as being allow you to choke down on the knife and produce some fine bushcraft skills.

The KA-BAR is definitely an “old school” knife and a very well made cutting tool, made using traditional hand crafted methods and, of course, 1095 cro-van steel.

All this makes this knife function beautifully – as a full on survival knife, it’s in a class of its own, that’s built to stand up to any amount of abuse you can throw at it.!


My KA-BAR Knife has never let me down and served me well for many years.

All in all the KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting and Survival Knife is a great, high quality survival knife andI try and include it as part of my survival pack whenever I am out in the wilderness.


Ka-Bar US Army Fixed Blade Knife