Mar 25 2013

Do You Know The Preppers Pyramid

What is the preppers pyramidprepper pyramid


Everything in our society has different levels of readiness for how to prepare for various situations.

If you buy an extra tin of beans because you might need them as a back up one day is, in it’s simplest terms, a form of prepping for the unknown.

In fact you would just about fall between the zero preparation and the basic effort level on the Preppers Pyramid.

That is exactly what the Preppers Pyramid is all about – it’s a measure of your preparedness for a doomsday situation.




The bottom level of the pyramid represents our basic needs for simple, day to day, survival

Not satisfying any of the levels will reduce us to animals, prepared to either kill or get us killed.


3-5 days


At the zero preparation level you will be lucky to survive 3-5 days from any doomsady disaster scenario and will have to resort to ‘other’ means of finding food and water, as well as the possibility of shelter and warm clothing.



1 month


 Basic effort prepping is for those folks who have a few stored provisions, maybe a freezer that’s stocked up, candles, batteries a means to cook and heat water, a few jerry cans of fuel – With this level of basic effort preparedness you may survive up-to a month.



6-12 months


To survive for more than a month you must now be considering prepping far more seriously and enter the Robust prepping level of preparedness. Stocking up on high food and water levels, provisions for bug out, personal safety and health care.



1-3 yearsAnything over 12 months is now getting into the realms of a very serious prepper, this extreme prepping level becomes a 24-7commitment. Spending huge amounts of time and money planning, preparing and practicing for what you perceive as your  impending doomsday scenario.



3 years +


Off The Grid Prepping is considered the ultimate form of doomsday survival preparation. Every aspect of personal survival is accounted for and the prepper would have already moved out to a safe secure area and be fully self sufficient before any doomsday disaster.




Preppers who meet the needs below, with some planning and stockpiling of simple goods, will increase their chance of survival.

  • Food is essential after several days to be productive and accomplish our other goals. Life is possible without food for several weeks but we don’t want to go there. Preppers have things to do. Food will provide us the energy to accomplish our next steps.
  • Shelter is essential for maintaining homeostasis. We need to keep our bodies in a state where they can survive. Shelter gives us a home base and provides protection against the elements. It allows us a place for storage and can be easily defended. Preppers will prepare a plan for shelter
  • Water is essential for life. Three days without and we are dead. Clean drinking water will be in short supply so a stockpile is recommended. A gallon a day per person will meet your immediate needs. Preppers will have a plan for longer periods.
  • Sanitation is essential for health. We cannot live in our waste. Preppers a plan for disposal of waste.
  • Medical is essential for emergencies. Accidents happen and we need the supplies and knowledge of how to deal with them. Preppers will have a simple first aid kit will get you past the immediate need and we will explore better options later in the book.
  • Security is essential to protect your life and property. Anarchy reigns in disasters and preppers will be prepared. There is no law enforcement and looting and other crimes are prevalent.