Best Damascus Steel Knives UK

Best Damascus Steel Knives UK

damascus knife bladeChoosing a good bushcraft knife is never an easy task – but when it comes to overall quality, the Damascus steel is one of the finest for your knife blade.

The skill of making a damascus blade is centuries old, with different styles creating essentially the same type of ‘folded metal’ blade.

A damascus knife can comprise as little as two different metals, although most are made from four different carbon tool steel billets folded to give many layers.

These starting billets will harden and temper within the same temperature range.

This process gives a knife blade of exceptional strength and quality, with an aesthetically beautiful look.

They are more than capable as a bushcraft or survival knife, being strong and holding an edge for a very long time.

Easy to sharpen and relatively rust free, they are the ultimate choice for many true bushcraft practitioners.

Damascus steel knives can be outlandishly expensive if you were to commission one from a top knifemaker – and rightly so – they are a work of art and a one off.

But fortunately for most people they are still within an affordable price bracket to consider as a nice treat….!

One of the main things to consider with damascus knives, is their tendency to be more of a one off, and almost like a collectors knife, with knife makers only producing a few of a certain design before moving on to the the next – so you often see them advertised as ‘last one’ or ‘only 3 left’ due to the low batch production.

Hopefully the list below stays available for a while..!

So here’s an extensive list of the best damascus steel knives UK.