Binoculars For Hunting And Survival

The Importance Of Binoculars For Hunting And Survival

Hunting and survival has been a traditional, natural activity that dates back at least 1500-2000 years in the United Kingdom and most parts of the world. It is an important part of who we are as human beings.

The use of binoculars appeared as early as the 1870s in a design by Achille Victor Emile Daubresse that could help reduce light transmission by about 10% to 15%.

However, the use of high quality binoculars by professional hunters for hunting and surviving has become popular in the 21st century.

If you are still deciding whether or not you should get yourself a pair of binoculars for an upcoming hunting journey, give this article a read.

Almost all professional hunters will tell you that, you need a decent pair of binoculars for hunting and surviving as well.

Importance Of Hunting And Survival

Hunting and survival celebrates the idea that there are still wild and dangerous places on our planet where a person can learn the skills our ancestors used to pursue wild game to survive.

Hunting wild animals in wild areas allow people to truly feel involved with the cycles and rhythms of the land and environment.

This two teaches the reality of death and the importance of having life.

Many people have spent hours into the night and going back the next morning to pick up the trail for a animal they may be stalking for food.

Reasons For Using Binoculars For Hunting And Survival

Help Identify Prey Easily

The most important reason of all is that binoculars help you identify your prey easily.
This is very true for beginners who do not have much experience.
When you are looking from a far distance, it’s hard to identify a prey.
And the sad part will be that, by the time you move closer to them, they would have ran for their lives and you are left with nothing.
However, I will suggest you use binoculars of high quality whenever possible so that you can properly view them even if you are hundreds of meters away.

Moreover, binoculars will do a good job in identifying any tracks or trails which opens up a wider range of hunting opportunities. When you follow these trails, you will not find it difficult locating your prey.

The one area where you need to be particular with the importance of binoculars in hunting and survival is the actual binoculars themselves.
They range from very cheap, to a somehow ridiculous cost that is hard to justify! In fact you could pay in excess of £3000 - obviously you are getting all singing, all dancing gear, but for hunting and stalking prey anything up to the mid level binoculars will be fine.

Starter Level Binoculars

You can, of course choose from a huge range of quality hunting binoculars that will perform well and help you track down your prey. 
Obviously with something like Binoculars, quality will be compromised if you go too cheap, but from as little as £45 you can get some pretty impressive kit that will easily be up to the job of helping you get your dinner.

Typical good quality hunting binoculars:

Below are the Olympus 8 x 40 DPSI Binocular and these offer you a host of feature that are exactly what we are looking for in hunting binoculars.
With a wide angle field of view for tracking fast moving subjects you can keep your prey in sight at all times.

When you buy something like these Olympus 8 x 40 DPSI Binocular you know they must be good as the manufacturer offers a 25 year guarantee!

The 8x40 refers to two different features of the viewfinder.
The magnification ( the object will appear 8 times closer to you ) while the 40 refers to the lens diameter - 40mm is good, in fact anything between 35 - 50mm will give additional light making the image much brighter and clearer. 
Especially in a low light ( dawn or dusk ) situation.

And if your wondering… these DPSI Binocular are currently only £45, an absolute bargain if you ask me. 

Choosing high end binoculars:

If your like me and want to go that one step further, there's plenty of good 'higher'end' Binos' to choose from.
Now remember we are talking hunting and tracking as well as for survival and prepping, so you are going to want to see things a fair distance away, and clearly in order to make a decision whether its friend, foe or food.
That's why choosing a more top end binocular may well be the way to go if you have the spare cash.

These Carson 10×50 3D Series ED Glass Binoculars, below, are pretty dam good offering a range from 8×32 right up to the 10×50 at £225

  • ED Glass with BAK-4 prisms for sharper and brighter images
  • Lens diameter is 42mm and has a magnification power of 10x
  • Fully multi coated lenses that allow the binoculars to be completely water and fog proof
  • Field of view: 314 feet at 1,000 yards and eye relief: 16mm
  • Included accessories: BinoArmor deluxe carry case, neck strap, shoulder harness, and lens cloth

Helps To Look At Wildlife From A Distance

The importance of using binoculars for hunting and survival means you can now scout for your prey from a distance that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do it with bare eyes.

Considering the fact that most of these animals are pretty hard to spot anyway.

Binoculars are the perfect tool for hunting, as you are not going to be scaring your prey by approaching closer.

For example, animals can sense your existence from a good distance away from them and even more if your upwind from them.

Unless you are an experienced hunter, you might miss out on a ton of hunting opportunities without a having a good pair of binoculars with you.

Wouldn't Harm The Wrong Prey

One thing to consider is the fact that you may not be the only one in the hunting zone.

Sometimes, it is somewhat dangerous because hunters might accidentally hunt down other hunters!

There will be times when you are so confused because you can’t hunt down anything and you will be so eager to take a shot when you notice any movements in the bush.

Due to the fact that the targeted animal may be at a quite a distance, you might shoot a human being instead.

Rare and unlikely but still a possibility.

Therefore, before you take any shot, I suggest you make sure that it’s really the prey you were after.
And by having binoculars will help you do exactly that.
Learn more about Best Air Rifle For Hunting And Survival for making a better shot.

Buy You Extra Time For Strategic Planning

One of the major reasons why most hunting attempts do not succeed is due to the fact that, there isn’t any proper strategy in place.

It is like shooting a shotgun, either you miss or hit.

While planning can’t guarantee you that you will be able to hunt down something for your dinner every time, it is really going to increase your chances of success.

So you might be thinking, how can binoculars help your plan?

The answer is really simple. Binoculars will help you know where your preys are by scouting.

The animals wouldn’t probably sense your existence because you are pretty far away. This means that there will be no need for you to rush since they aren’t being spooked or running away yet.

You can then use your binoculars to scout around, analysing terrains and routes to determine the movements of your preys as you approach closer.


Hunting, survival or prepping, there is definitely a use for owning a pair of binoculars and they come into their own for each different skill.

In a Bug Out situation they are a must, allowing you to observe and not be observed yourself.

For full covert Bug Out you also have a choice of some good night vision binoculars, making long distance observation at night, a very feasible option.

When you use night vision in your hunting for food, this method can give you a good insight into an animals feeding habits and routes through woodland.
What animals choose what tracks and how far that particular animal roams.
With this additional information you gain an extra advantage to your stalking, and essentially will help put food on the table in a survival situation.

The night vision option is surprisingly cheap considering what you are getting.
These Solomark, below, come in at just over the £100 mark and are top quality for that price.

As yet I haven't invested in a pair of night vision binoculars, but I will. They are on my kit list as an essential, as soon as I actually have some spare cash!

If you haven’t really tried using binoculars before, I highly recommend that you give them a try.
You will really be surprised how beneficial it will be by incorporating it in your hunting trips and surviving as well.

Happy Prepping Folks.


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