Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box Review

Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box Review

Possibly one of the smallest micro stoves in the world..!

This is my review of the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box – sometimes this size of cooking stove is referred to as either a micro stove, and EDC stove or a hobo cook stove, in effect they are all pretty much the same in so much as they are small, compact cooking stoves.

Quite how well they all work varies a lot, in fact, you can even make your own hobo stove very cheaply and it will work quite well – but, as I always say, you will benifit, in the long run run, by choosing a high quality stove over a cheaper or home made one any day….

Quality of manufacture will guarantee a long working life of your stove and, as preppers, having reliable, quality gear is an essential part of our prepping plan.

Never buy cheap.

Having tested and reviewed other stoves from BushBox Essentials – the Bushbox XL Combination and the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Stove I was eager to test out the smallest cooking stove in their range,the Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box and below is my full review and video review:

Specifications:edc stove on rucksack

  • 100% stainless steel  
  • Multi fuel burner
  • Ash Pan soil protection
  • Size: 47mm x 65mm
  • Only 77 grams
  • Fits in pocket or wallet


This tiny survival stove is supplied with a nice, well made pouch that allows you to keep all the parts together and then kept in your pocket or even in your wallet – being so compact and light it fits nicely along with a standard survival card or the BE Survival-Card.

Final thoughts:

This little stove has got to be the ultimate EDC cooking stove – it is quite amazing how good the engineering quality is and how compact it is – probably best of all is the fact that is actually works well. Being compact you must ensure it’s placed on a flat level base before trying to put a cup or pan on it and make sure the cup is balanced before letting go – use your multi tool pliers to feed the fuel in [much better than getting burnt] and, be patient, other than that, I can’t find fault with it at all..!

In use, it was much easier with the Esbit fuel tablet, which required a lot less attention than the wood fuel, and also left a lot less residue on the insides of the micro stove.

I have not spoken about price – for the quality of material and engineering the stove represents great value for money at under £17 +postage from Amazon

I keep mine in my wallet along with my BE Survival-Card, as you can see here –

bushbox edc stove in wallet EDC stove in wallet 1







click image to enlarge



Pros –

  • Well worth the money for the high quality of stove.
  • very well engineered.
  • cleans easily being all stainless steel.
  • very compact, light and easy to carry.

Cons –

  • be patient.
  • best used on flat and level ground


five star rating

“must have”  preppers gear


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