Defensive Training for Preppers

Defensive Training for Preppers krav maga header

A big part of prepping and survival that is often neglected is personal fitness and the ability to defend yourself without the use of weapons.

The two go hand in hand and you will find that both fitness and defence skills increase as your ability to defend yourself improves.

There are also many different forms of self defence and martial arts that cater for the different requirements of the individual – some train in a very passive style, that requires the attacker to make the first move and instigate your defence, while others are designed to pre-empt an attack and to respond with maximum force and violence.

Your choice of defense is usually proportional to the threat of violence against you and to what level you respond usually determines the outcome.




But, lets get one thing quite clear here – doing nothing, does not and will not work…!

  • This article is very specific to prepping and survival and IS NOT designed to help you be ‘spiritually’ one with the world or in tune with your inner self or various other claims that are bounded out within the martial arts world. 
  • In a worse case scenario you would need to deal with anyone who represents a threat to you and your preps and, quite simply, your survival.

Survival of the Fittest.

This phrase could never be more meaningful than when applied to us preppers and, if you are not the fittest and the more capable of defending yourself then you’re going to go down.. hard and fast and then lose all that you have worked for over the years.

How to learn to defend yourself.

  1. You DO NOT necessarily need to join a martial arts club – although it would help your progress and training.
  2. You DO NOT need to buy expensive combat clothing and shoes and stuff [unless you’re in a club]
  3. You DO NOT need to be a member of any society or governing body [unless you’re in a club]

It’s up to you – it’s your choice and you can learn independently by yourself.

Why not.?self defence attack

Because we are talking about defending your preps and yourself – if you are confronted with a possible danger do you really want to say “hang on, I have just got to check my martial arts licence and get changed”.

No, of course you don’t – you just want to deal with the situation.

So what do you need then.?

My methods of self defence has always been to have a few very effective responses to a lot of different situations.

This is not hard to do and many of the “street fighting” styles of martial arts offer you good techniques to common attack situations.


Remember, you are not trying to be a black belt at any martial art – just gain the ability to have a few very effective responses to protect yourself against a threat of attack.

If you have never done any form of self defence or martial arts before then it’s time to learn some, and the sooner the better.

You will increase your fitness and your confidence as you progress, but, how can you do this if you don’t join a club or have an instructor standing there teaching you.?

Learning to defend yourself is really quite simple..

Remember – a few very effective defence/attack moves executed very well and with ‘violence of force’ will be all it takes to protect yourself and your family.

A couple of essential points to begin with:defence training krav maga

  • Find yourself a like minded person to train and learn with.
  • Include the family in all your training sessions if possible
  • Practice at least 3 times each week 
  • Choose a training course that is best suited to, and uses a fundamental style to ‘street fighting’ – Krav Maga and Jujitsu are the two core martial arts I would recommend and are firmly based on my personal belief of ‘get in, get the job done, get out’..! 
  • Avoid anything fancy – you are not doing a test – stick to basics and if it works for you, keep doing it. It does not have to be ‘textbook’ perfect – it’s your style that fits your.
  • Perfect a handful of defence and attack moves that work for you and throw out and ignore the ones that don’t. You do not need to practice irelavent moves that are too fancy and involved – stick to the basics. A good basic move done well, will work better than a badly executed advanced move. 
  • Practice your skills and then practice some more until they become second nature. Engrained muscle memory is what you are after – your ‘fighting’ response will then become second nature. Train well and your actions will be performed on auto pilot.!
  • Once you are confident of your skill set, then, and only then, move onto additional skills if you want to.

I am writing this a a qualified martial arts instructor – not a layman – I have seen people come and go within martial arts and never really ‘get good’ at a technique due to being rushed into something else that they try and again  never ‘get good’ at either.

The ones that consistently do well and win sparring and fighting contests, are always the ones that are able to execute their ‘good moves’ with precision due to practice and are the ones who stick to the basics and practice a few skills until second nature and they can perform them fluently and with precision under different circumstances. 

By different circumstances, I mean being able to react effectively, left handed and right handed, in both a confined and open space as well as being tired and physically ‘worn out’.

Remember, train when you’re tired and fatigued – and push yourself to improve your skill set. When SHTF you’re going to be tired then..!!

This is your goal – be very good at a few effective techniques – keep it simple and effective and don’t try to learn too many things at once – this WILL WORK and give you the confidence to be able to defend yourself if it is needed.  

There are many courses out there that claim to turn you into a master of martial arts in weeks – these are pure BS – I suggest choosing a course that has its foundation firmly set in pure aggressive fighting techniques.

As simple as that really – Basic, effective fighting techniques that work and have been tried and tested to work efficiently over many years of combat.

Of all the various fighting methods I have studied over the years the most effective and appropriate self defence style for us preppers is Krav Maga  ( pronounced:  krav magar ).

Krav Maga is a tried and tested fighting methods – no holes barred attack techniques that work well in a combat situation – if you choose any martial art, then this is the one for us preppers.

This martial arts style offers you the very best types of defence and attack combinations that are most suited to the type of situation you would find yourself in as a prepper.

 krav maga for preppers

This Krav Maga training course starts from the beginning and offers some of the very best and most effective defence techniques that work each and every time.

Not for the faint hearted, this course is designed to protect you from an attacker – exactly what we want..!


krav maga dvd set

This Krav Maga course has been put together by Guy Dar, a famous instructor within the martial arts and Krav Maga world.

He is the founder and the chief instructor of a unique fighting division called Full Contact Krav Maga.

Full contact was developed from Krav Maga basics and the course he has developed have been delivered to special defence units, military and special forces around the world.

Guy has managed some of the most distinguished and highly respected Krav Maga dojos in Israel.


For more in depth information on this Krav maga defence course please click Here!






Self defence is. without doubt, an essential skill for preppers to learn –  below are a few of the self defence techniques that this course will cover – 


Approaches violently to attack you. 

Shoves you aggressively. 

Strangles you.

Points a knife at you.

Hits you with a stick.

Punches you to the floor.

Kicks you.

and more…


For a limited time only this course also has TWO FREE bonus Ebook offers

‘self defence strategy for women’ & ‘non violent self defence’ 

krav amaga bonus_selfdefense_women_2

krav maga bonus_non_violence_2

















I have trained in Krav Maga and found it to be a very effective self defence method, using basic martial arts principles for many attacks, it has a real ‘feel’ for street fighting and combat style situations –

I like it immensely and still teach many of these techniques today.

It is one of the few self defence styles that lends itself to be practiced anywhere – so long as you have a training partner (which only needs to be a punch bag sometimes.!)  you can practice wherever and whenever you want.

Remember your reasons for learning these skills in the first place – not for a trophy or a 1st prize pat on the back – but for having the skills to protect yourself in a REAL LIFE SITUATION.

Krav Maga WILL give you these skills and you WILL benefit physically with increased stamina, co-ordination, spacial awareness and confidence.

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend  you consider taking up some form of self defence. It will give you added confidence and an ability to deal with any ‘would be’ threat to you and your prepping supplies.



  • Happy Prepping Folks..