Folding Lock Knives Review and For Sale

Folding Lock Knives Review and For Sale

This article is solely about folding lock knives:

The locking knife is far more desirable than a non locker, and far more useful for everyday and survival tasks.

They are the middle man between the fixed blade knife and the non locking pocket knife, which makes them a very useful tool to have with you in a survival situation.

The lock mechanism has the advantage of giving added structural strength to the knife, along with the ability to fully enclose the blade and make the knife half its original size.

The good thing about lockers is the value for money you can get - they really do offer a useful tool, quality made, but at a very affordable price.

In this article I am reviewing 10 locking knives that really do give you more bang for your buck.
If you are someone who swears blind that you must only ever buy from a world renowned, highly over publicised (and priced) manufacturer, someone like Gerber Knives for example, then look away now....!

But if you're like me, and have an open mind and believe that if a knife is solid and well made, with good steel and a good finish, then it's good to go.

And not simply just because it has a big brand behind it - if that's the case, then this selection will definitely wet your appetite.!

These lockers range from a mere £4.50 up to £175.00 - so sit back, pick the knives of choice and enjoy my video reviews of each individual knife.

Take Your Pick
All Locking Knife Video Reviews Below

Kevin John - Venom Attacker -Frame Lock

Latest Prices Here


Latest Prices Here

Ganzo-G7452-WD1-Axis Lock -Knife-Stripe

Latest Prices Here

Enlan EL-01A
Liner Lock Folder

Latest Prices Here


Latest Prices Here

KEVIN JOHN-Foldable-Frame Lock Knife

Latest Prices Here

Ganzo G729-BK Axis Lock Folding Knife

Latest Prices Here

HARNDS-CK7006A-Liner Lock Knife

Latest Prices Here


Latest Prices Here

As you can see from my video reviews, I gave all the knives the same test and inspection.
The quality of manufacture is very good.
Steel and components are also very good.

Without doubt, they all represent great value for money, especially as the price you see is the price you pay - no hidden extras.
Delivery is included, as is any customs or import duties, along with VAT and everything else...!
I found delivery ranged from one week to one month depending on when you order.

I am currently trying to use these knives on a daily basis to see if any faults arise over time and will add my findings to the video review page if anything happens.

Happy Prepping Folks.


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