How To Tie Knots For Survival Essential Prepping Skill

How To Tie Knots For Survival
Essential Prepping Skill

it is well worth learning this skill - knowing how different knots can be used in different circumstances will make sure you remain safe and secure. 

Some knots can be adapted for many situations and are multi-functional, whilst other are very specific to a certain task - either way take time to learn​ and know How To Tie Knots For Survival.
This is quite an Essential Prepping Skill.

Know Your Knots Infographic


Steve Hart UK Prepper

I don't often include a whole page image or info-graphic on this website.

But this particular infographic has been supplied  and I thought the knots are very well explained and very clearly shown.

Hope they help you if your having any knot tieing problems...​

Happy Prepping Folks,​


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