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Be an expert Fire Starter Using Foraged Materials Found In Your Environment

survival fire made with a fire starter

How To Be An Expert Fire StarterDo you know how to b​​​​​e an expert fire starter using foraged materials found in your environment? Whatever the situation, and regardless of the survival scenario, the one main constant to successfully surviving and bugout or SHTF emergency is being able to start a fire.There are literally dozens of …

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How To Remove And Prevent Tick Bites in Humans

insect bite ticks

How To Remove And Prevent Tick Bites in Humans Just about anyone who goes out into the wild – whether you’re a hiker, camping or a prepper doing some bug out practice, will have a very good chance of making friends with a tick.! The first signs of these nasty little buggers will be an itch, …

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How To Tie Knots For Survival Essential Prepping Skill

How To Tie Knots For Survival Essential Prepping Skillit is well worth learning this skill – knowing how different knots can be used in different circumstances will make sure you remain safe and secure.  Some knots can be adapted for many situations and are multi-functional, whilst other are very specific to a certain task – either …

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Making A Small Neck Knife Sheath

Making A Small Knife Sheath for a Nordic Knife  Last year I wrote an ‘how to’ article about Making A Nordic Knife after attending a blacksmith class. This year I am following it up with, How To Make A Small Knife Sheath for my Nordic knife. The knife itself is quite small at only 4″ long …

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How To Go Wild Camping In The UK

How To Go Wild Camping In The UKTake nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time. Aaahhh, the great outdoors. You can’t beat it. Old or young, camping is both mentally and physically uplifting for all members of the family. Pitching your family tent on a deluxe camp site with hot showers …

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Bushcraft and Survival Shows 2015

wild food and chilli fare

Bushcraft and Survival Shows 2015This is an OLD article from last year – I will be updating this as soon as I have any information – There’s plenty to look forward to during 2015 – including this new event I can’t wait to get back to the bushcraft shows this year. If you have never …

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Survival and Bushcraft Schools and Courses around the UK

sos signal in the sand

  Survival & Bushcraft Schools and Courses in the UK Prepping is all about survival – although there is a lot of information on the internet, there’s nothing that beats actually ‘doing it’ for real. Learning your bushcraft and survival skills from a good survival school is something well worth considering  – there are lots …

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