Survival and Bushcraft Schools and Courses around the UK


Survival & Bushcraft Schools and Courses in the UK

Prepping is all about survival – although there is a lot of information on the internet, there’s nothing that beats actually ‘doing it’ for real.

Learning your bushcraft and survival skills from a good survival school is something well worth considering  – there are lots of different areas where you need specific skills, not just how to build a shelter, but ‘real’ survival skills that will keep you alive.

Most UK survival schools include natural medicine and foraging for foods as well as identifying the good from the bad, as well as 100’s of uses for natures materials to help you survive in the wild.

If bugging out is a big part of your disaster survival plan then I highly recommend enrolling on as many, varied survival courses as you can afford.

Even the relatively simple tasks like skinning and preparing an animal for food is something that must be practiced – most UK survival schools go into this is in detail, making sure you gain the knowledge and bushcraft skills needed to keep you alive.


The list below is for Survival & Bushcraft schools & courses around the UK.

In no particular order – I do not endorse any of these , it’s just a helpful list

WoodLifeTrials –provides unique nature-based courses. introducing and immersing participants into the woodlands and forests of England. Woodlife_Trails

Woodsmoke – Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival:
Location: UK – Lake District.
UK survival schools woodsmoke

Woodland Ways – Bushcraft & Survival Courses:
Location: UK – Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire
UK survival school woodland ways

Natural Pathways Bushcraft est:2002

Location: Kent, UK
natural pathways survival and bushcraft school

Wild Man Wild Food:
Foraging courses – how to identify, gather and cook wild plants.
Location: UK – Canterbury, Kent.
UK survival schools fergus the forager

Woodlore – School of Wilderness Bushcraft:
Location: UK – East Sussex
UK survival schools ray mears

The Trueways Survival School:
Location: UK
UK survival schools trueways

Wildwood Bushcraft:
Location: UK – Sussex
UK survival schools wildbushcraft

Forest Knights:
Location: UK – Sussex
UK survival schools forest knights

Bushcraft Expeditions:
Location: UK – Beaminster, Dorset
UK survival school bushcraft expeditions

Hands on Bushcraft:
Location: UK – Wiltshire
UK survival schools hands on

Location: Ireland & U.K
 UK survival schools wild and live

Forest Skills Ltd:
Location:  U.K – Cheshire 
forest skills survival school
 Bear Grylls Survival Academy:
Location: UK
  Wilderness Survival Skills:

Location: East Woodyates, Near Salisbury,


 willderness skills logo
  If you are thinking of booking a course with any of the schools above, please, don’t forget to mention you found them on the UK Preppers Guide website.


























































*if you know of any other good UK based survival schools, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

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Happy prepping folks….