Magnum Stealth Force 8 CT CP SZ Waterproof Boots

Magnum Stealth Force 8 CT CP SZ Waterproof Boots 

In this review I am testing a pair of Stealth Force 8 boots from Magnum. They are the side zip version of these boots and feature the cleaver YKK side zipper - Magnum also make these in a non zipped boot.

In this review I take the boots through a full test, especially testing out their waterproof qualities.

The slip on - slip off, feature is something I like about these boots, and it really does save you time and effect.

Technical Stuff

This is pretty much straight from the Magnum website  - as they know how the boot is really made..!

  • Available in UK size 4 - 13 
  • YKK circular side-zip for quick donning and doffing 
  • Natural Leather upper section - coated with water repellent surface enhancement
  • Protective composite toecap
  • Protective sole plate 
  • Comfortable suede ankle collar
  • High traction oil resistant carbon rubber sole 
  • M-P.A.C.T Memory foam insole 
  • Scanner safe hardware
  • Tested and certified to European Standard EN 20345 
  • Agion antibacterial treated

Non technical stuff - Just my opinion.....

magnum stealth force 8 reviewThese Stealth Force 8's side zips are, without doubt, a very stylish, good looking, tactical boot. There styling means they will look good in the field and walking down the street.

Considering they are a full on safety boot, they are very well styled, and look, every part, a tactical boot. They weigh in as one of the heavier boot that Magnum produce, however, that little bit of extra weight, and I am only talking a few grams, is hardly noticeable and they still weigh in at a mere 760 grms. - thats next to nothing.

In my video test and review they are taken through their paces, although the video action is only a few minutes, the boots were used all day.

As you will see they performed very well - I could not find any faults with the boots and they definitely live up to Magnums promises - If I had to be really picky, there are two additions I would like to see on these boots - a pull loop to help when putting on and a lace store to clip the ends of your laces - but thats just me being very picky.

Pricing and availability information for the Magnum Stealth Force 8, with Side Zip - find it here > Stealth Force 8.0

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Want to see the full technical review and the field test.? - take a look at my video and see what happens.



In conclusion -

Do they work in the field.? 

As you have seen in the video - the answer is definitely a great big yes - I couldn't fault their performance in any way. Totally waterproof, comfortable and a pleasure to wear.

Overall, a great pair of tactical 'safety' boots - highly recommended.







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