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How To Prevent Dog Theft On Walks With The Safehaus Anti Dog Theft Red Spray Dye

How To Prevent Your Dog From Being Snatched And Stolen When Out And AboutAs a prepper it is easy to see the benefits of having a dog, both as a companion and for added protection. But what would happen if that dog was stolen, never to be seen again? Could you prevent dog theft of …

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Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK?

Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK

Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK?  Safehaus Mini Criminal Identifier:  the perfect alternative to pepper spray. As a deterrent and a means of preventing an attack, an identifier spray is an excellent choice but, is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK? Criminal Identifier Is NOT Pepper SprayFirstly, a criminal identifier spray differs …

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UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative Safehaus Criminal Identifier

UK Preppers Guide Home About Press Prepping All Prepping Articles Are Here Hundreds of articles on all aspects of prepping. Bug Out Food & Water Solar Knives Defence Hunting SHTF Survival All Survival Articles Are Here survival Articles, Hunting, Trapping & Skills Articles Here: Top Ten Survival Skills Medical Hunting For Food Hunting Weapons Bushcraft …

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UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative for Self Defence | Video Review And Test

farb gel legal pepper spray

What Are The UK LegalAlternative To Pepper Spray for Self Defence? There are currently two very good UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternatives that are within the confounds of the law and available for use.The Farb Gel Criminal Identifier and the Safhaus Criminal Identifier. Furthermore I have tested out both products on myself and found that they …

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Legal Pepper Spray for the UK

UK legal pepper spray alternative

Legal Pepper Spray For The UKNon Lethal Survival Defence In this article I review the Safehaus Criminal Identifier Spray, an alternative legal pepper spray for the UK. This spray is compact and 100% UK legal.Furthermore it’s ideal for security guards, dog walkers, students, hikers, runners, in fact it’s perfect for anyone who wants that extra …

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