Top Three Reasons Why Preppers Will Die When The SHTF

Top Three Reasons Why 
Preppers Will Die When The SHTF

Being a prepper does not automatically guarantee you will survive when the SHTF.

The overall goal is, of course, to survive and thrive in a SHTF scenario, or any disaster situation for that matter.  But it doesn't matter how many tins of Spam, Weapons or Bugout Bags you have, as none of these will guarantee your survival.

It goes without saying that help will be very few and far, should you need it, and you will of course.  But sad as it is, the masses will die off quickly due to their lack of preparedness.
But, even Preppers will fall foul and die off.  Even those preppers with some level of preparedness as well begin dying, and the reasons are really quite simple.

Here are my Top Three Reasons Why Preppers Will Die When The SHTF:

  • No:1:  Too Reliant On Gear, Resulting In A Low Level Of Training And Survival Skills.

An awful lot of preppers rely far too heavily on their gear and supplies for survival.
This will not guarantee that you survive.
With the most obvious down side is the fact that your gear can be lost, stolen or destroyed quite easily.

Then what do you do?
Once it's gone, it's gone...
What do you to base your survival on then...?

Whatever survival equipment, supplies and kit you have should only ever be thought of as tools to make your overall survival an easier and more convenient task.

Most preppers simple do not know how to use their survival gear safely, confidently and correctly.

It is vitally important to practice and train in SHTF scenarios by actually going out and using your gear.
Don't be an armchair, YouTube prepper - you have the gear, now get out and use it.
Make sure you know all the do's and don'ts, and what works for you.  That way you can change your kit to suit, giving you a far better understanding of what you need to survive when the SHTF.

  • No: 2:  The 'Lone Wolf' Syndrome and a lack of human interaction.

The 'lone wolf' mentality is all well and good, to a point.  That point is also very narrow and fraught with unnecessary dangers.
To think you can have all the bases covered and be completely self sufficient is a hard act to follow, and virtually impossible in a SHTF situation.

With our survival kit, we look to have gear that is capable of doing more than one job.  A multi tool for example, it's essentialy just one tool, but offers us many survival options, from a pair of scissors or pliers, to a cutting tool and saw.
The same theory must apply to survival.

Quite simply, two is better than one.

There is power in numbers, and typically, those that are alone, die first.
As a matter of OpSec, we prep quietly, and normally alone, with a deep concern that the 'bad guys' will know all about you, making you their first target should the SHTF.

We all have different skillsets: with differing knowledge and skills in many important survival areas. Your skills will be proficient in certain areas only. 
This is why it is important to form a community of individuals who can help each other with different abilities.
Using this type of approach can and will improve your survival chances greatly.

Remember: You can go fast alone, but you can go further together.

  • No: 3.  Failing To Make A Specific Plan

In the real, fast pace world we live in today, finding time to complete just about anything is hard enough, let alone finding time to prep for SHTF.  Essentially we are just doing what we can, when we can.
Most of us didn't know where to start and are still learning as we go.

The result of this lackadaisical approach, is that we find ourselves falling short in certain areas, leaving us vulnerable and woefully unprepared. Then there's folk who become despondent and frustrated, leading them to be discouraged and ultimately loosing focus and giving up completely.

This is where making a plan is so important.  Even if you have to put things off for a while, you still have a plan to come back too.

With a fully itemised plan of action you have the foundations of successful prepping and ultimately successfully surviving a SHTF situation.
You can even give yourself short, and long term targets.  They don't have to be massive either.
But that way you don't feel guilty for stopping and having a rest.

Sometimes you will be forced to slow down your prepping or even stop for a while, but having a step be step plan allows that to happen.
It also makes your prepping easy.  Without a good plan of action you wont last long.

Steve Hart UK Prepper

These are the Top Three Reasons Why Preppers Will Die When The SHTF, but if you ensure that you have these covered your chances of surviving a major disaster is greatly increased.

Happy Prepping Folks,

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    • Kerry Wilson on February 28, 2018 at 1:55 am
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    Hello when the SHTF is there a book that would be good to have before hand. With survival bush craft skills and how the older generations lived without modern conveniences. Old ways of cooking and recipes that is British rather than American.
    There will be no google to turn to.
    Thank Kerry

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