What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival

 What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival

best fish filleting knife It is essential to know how to prepare your fish once you have caught it, however, one of the most important tools that will make this job easier is your knife.

But, what is the best fish filleting knife and why.


It goes without saying that you need a sharp knife to ensure a clean cut when handling your fish – but by having a sharp knife will also mean a more precise cut leaving as little fish meat on the bones as possible.
*just a quick note here – never discard any part of your fish once you have gutted it – it can be used for stews and some bones will also make good fishing hooks.

What are the most important parts that make up the best fish filleting knife for survival.

Fortunately there is an abundance of good quality filleting knives on the market today, but there are a few basic requirements you should know before choosing one:

  • Firstly, a fillet knife is more of a specialised cutting tool, notably, with a thin and flexible blade between 4″ – 9″ max.
  • best fish fillet knife The blade must be razor sharp
  • A non slip handle that feels right in your hand is essential.
  • Easy to resharpen and holds an edge well.
  • Appropriate length for the fish being filleted.


Remember, as with all bushcraft equipment and tools – the best fish filleting knife for survival is the one that’s feels right for you AND is a knife you are comfortable using safely.

As with most knives there are always cheap ones and expensive ones, but as a general rule a good quality filleting knife is going to cost under £50.

A few of the excellent knives in this price range are the very flexable  6″ Dolomiten Inox, the Mustad 7″ Fillet Knife – both of these quality filleting knives come in under £15…!

I think the two above offer great value for money, for a great knife.

The  6″ Dolomiten Inox is just the knife itself, whereas the Mustad 7″ Fillet Knife comes with a fitted plastic sheath and a sharpener – although I do question the sharpener, you will get a better edge on a whetstone and sharpening steel.

To go up a notch, it’s worth a look at the  Martiini Finnish Fillet Knife With Wooden Handle – this is, every bit, a quality knife.

With bushcraft knife looks and design it has a lovely crafted leather sheath and beachwood handle – a very nice fillet knife indeed.

Even with these three great knives you haven’t broke the bank and you now have a tool that will make filleting a fish so much easier to do.

One thing to remember though – this is a specific knife for a specific jib – it is not a survival knife and will not perform like one either.

You must look after it as well – if you choose a stainless steel you only really need to clean the blade – but a carbon steel will need a little TLC as it will be prone to rust with so much contact with water.

The carbon will hold its edge for significantly longer than the stainless, but both will work perfectly well – if looked after and the edge maintained properly.

This is my number one best fish filleting knife for survival based on value for money and performance –

number one – The Martiini Finnish Fillet Knife With Wooden Handle

  • This is a quality knife that both looks the part and performs any fish filleting task with ease.
  • Blade length is 9″
  • Stainless chromium blade
  • Superb crafted wooden handle
  • Fitted leather sheath with plastic guard insert