Category: April 2016

Key Ring Survival Kit

survival key ring

Small Time Prepping With A Key Ring Survival KitAs part of any EDC or a preppers emergency kit, there’s one item is often overlooked – and, as part of your survival kit, it’s probably the easiest to carry around and have with you all the time. The Key Ring Survival KitWith modern technology and manufacturing …

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Air Rifle For SHTF And Hunting For Food

You can’t go far wrong when using an Air Rifle For SHTF and Hunting For Food As preppers we all know the importance of food procurement. Your stored food supplies will not last for ever, and considering there’s not too many people who have huge food stashes, you definitely need to consider other ways of getting food …

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Flint and Steel Fire Starting

making fire using a flint and steel video review

Traditional Methods Of Flint And Steel Fire Starting In this article I shall be showing how to make fire using a flint and steel, and also reviewing the authentic fire starting kit (shown above) For those aficionados among us – creating fire using a Flint and Steel is the oldest and considered the purest known …

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Best Survival Knots For Preppers

best survival knots for preppers the fishermans knot

What Are The Best Survival Knots For Preppers Do you know how to tie ‘proper’ rope knots? A lot of people don’t, and yet knots are a very necessary part of your survival strategy, as they play an important role in so many survival situations.You don’t have to know every type of knot and their …

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How To Go Wild Camping In The UK

How To Go Wild Camping In The UKTake nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time. Aaahhh, the great outdoors. You can’t beat it. Old or young, camping is both mentally and physically uplifting for all members of the family. Pitching your family tent on a deluxe camp site with hot showers …

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Top 5 Prepping Items Every Female Prepper Should Have

female prepper looking at disaster

Guest Article By: Emma Walsh At last, Female Preppers are on the riseno longer is it the domain of the macho man to save the word. Without a doubt, over the years prepping has been a very much male orientated pastime. With a view that women just can’t hack it. But, for you die hard …

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Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag

the jetboil flash cooking stove test and review

Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag It’s not often I can make a claim for a product, but I have to admit if you’re looking for the Best Camping Stove For Your Bug Out Bag, then it’s well worth considering the JetBoil system. I have only just treated myself to the JetBoil system …

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