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Guest Post: My Best Survival Knife

gerber ultimate pro photo

 My Best Survival Knife  Guest Post by, MonkeyPrepper What is all the fuss about choosing the best survival knife.? There is just so much information on line nowadays that surely it must be easy to decide what is best for you.? Now obviously, as a prepper, I have several survival knives – that goes without …

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How to choose the best survival knife

How To Choose The Best Survival Knife Without a good survival knife, it’s impossible to survive any outdoor situation.Your survival knife is undoubtedly the single most important item to have in your Bug Out Bag, your emergency Kit and for Home.So what are the important facts you need to know in order to make the …

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Survival Skills for Hunting and catching your Food

girl with bow - survivalist

How use Survival Skills to Set Snares and Traps Along With Fishing and Hunting Having enough survival skills to obtain food in the wild is very important to any prepper – While you can survive for weeks without food, it is not recommended you try. You can always obtain food if you have the skills …

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How to build a Survival Shelter

survival shelter under tree

Build a Survival Shelter and Set Up Camp  A survival shelter is a priority once you find yourself lost or stranded or you simply realise you cannot make it back home before dark. The rule of three for survival state you will need a shelter within three hours. However, if in a cold climate, you …

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Gorilla Tape for Survival

gorilla tape header photo

Gorilla Tape for Survival  We all know the sticking power and versatility of Duct Tape and its many uses, especially for emergency and permanent repairs. But for preppers, there’s only one tape you can rely on to give you peace of mind and know it’s going to work – so much so that every prepper should be …

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My Prepping Plan

Guest Article:   My Prepping Plan, by Fango  As with most preppers here in the UK, I struggle to build up my supplies and prepping equipment. With the recession only just starting to fade it’s been a very difficult few years to even survive the day to day running of my home and family, let alone splash out …

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Best LED Flashlight Torch

LED flashlight beam

Best LED Flashlight Torch for Preppers A LED torch is an essential prepping item for all occasions.   You need one at home, in the car, in your EDC and BOB. Without doubt the improvements in technology and manufacturing have given rise to much better equipment. For a survival situation it is very important to choose …

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Best Billhook Guide

man using a billhook machete

Best Billhook for Survival Guide  The billhook is a relatively unknown preppers tool that will do many survival tasks and is often the preferred “larger Knife’ being able to do the heavy duty survival work that is often needed with ease. This “big knife” was traditionally used as a basic cutting tool on farms to trim bushes and …

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