Best Paintball Pistol for Self Defence

Best Paintball Pistol for Self Defencepaintball tipman TPX pistol

There are many Paintball Handgun manufacturers that are available in the UK all offering their pistols at varying prices.

The best advice is to shy away from the cheaper ones.

A Paintball Handgun is a precision made bit of kit and, as a general rule you will be spending upwards of £175 for a decent pistol.

Plus any extras you may wish to add on - Red Dot Laser, Torch, Extra Mags, Leg Holster and Gas Cartridges or extendable Gas Bottle Kit.

What makes a the best Paintball Gun for Self Defence?

It is essential that a survival pistol is able to give you that extra protection to ward off, would be, unwanted advances from anyone wishing to find out how you're managing to survive better than anyone else. So what are the essential feature you must look out for when choosing the best paintball gun:

  • Reliability - your paintball pistol must fire perfectly each and every time - no failures
  • Durability - must be built to last - precision machined lightweight metal parts and solid firing mechanism
  • Accuracy - each and every shot must be accurate
  • Ease of use - no fancy gizmos - just solid, time served procedures for re-gassing and loading


What is the best Paintball Pistol for Self Defence?.

paintball tipman TPX pistol 2Firstly, I am quite biased towards a certain Paintball Handgun manufacturer - I make no apologies about this and it is for one main reason - reliability.

I have been in many situations where I have seen someone with a top of the range, all singing, all dancing Paintball Pistol that simply fails to operate correctly and they spend most of the time trying to get it to fire. - this is not a scenario I want if faced with someone after my years of prepping and building up survival supplies.

For that very reason I personally recommend the Tippmann TIPX paintball handgun. I have several Tippman paintball guns and they have never let me down and far out perform just about any other.

What are the best features of this particular paintball pistol.

  • Totally dependable
  • Very strong case with metal trigger
  • Safety switch
  • Quick release magazine eject system
  • Ammo level viewing windows - left and right handed + window on top rail
  • Self locking ammo magazines
  • Quick and easy to load new CO2 - no screwing, just turn and click
  • Paintball velocity adjustment on the outside - for trimming power to maximize paintball type
  • You can add an external CO2 bottle line for constant supply
  • Interchangeable barrel - ability to add longer barrel or suppressor
  • paintball tipman TPX pistol holsterBottom rail - ability to add torch or red dot laser sight
  • Very comfortable grip - fit so snuggly in your hand
  • Additional ammo magazines are cheap to buy

You also get a fancy carry case which is fine to store it in, but thats all I would use it for.

I use the TPX - Tactical Leg Holster for mine which works perfectly - the holster itself also has side and front pockets, which make it perfect for carrying additional ammo magazines and also spare CO2 cartridges.

Also maintenance instructions are supplied with a new TPX.

I have also found that the paintball handgun works even better with the harder shell paintballs - I think it's because the gun has such a solid action it needs a more solid paintball - but as with anything, a bit of experimenting is well worth it to get the best out of any survival paintball gun. 





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