Best Torch For Camping

Could This Be The 
Best Torch
For Camping & Survival

A lot of people view a torch as just something to have handy in one of your kitchen drawers, in case you need it...

Of course, being a prepper, I completely disagree.!

A good torch is an absolute necessity and something we all should have.

In the world of torches there are literally thousands to choose from - most of them rubbish and not worth wasting money on.

But, some torches offer excellent features for Self Defence and signalling in compact powerful units.

But in this article I am looking at a mid/large sized LED torch that could well be crowned The Best Torch For Camping and Survival.!

The Convoy L6 - 3500 Lumens of light

Why Is A Torch So Important to Preppers?

Being aware of your surroundings and knowing whats going on in the distance are essential for survival. 

During the daylight hours this is not so much of a problem, and seeing people or object at a distance is straightforward with the help of a good pair of binoculars and the normal daytime light.

The problem comes at night-time, and seeing a possible danger at night is impossible with just the naked eye.

A good high powered torch now becomes a very essential tool to have at hand.

Testing the L6

This is the torch I use: The Convoy L6 - it's a solid, well made bit of equipment with simple control functions.

But, the main reasons behind this particular torch is the fact that I think this is the brightest torch I have ever owned.

It's a monster, and powerful enough to light up an entire street - in the woods, when you turn it on, it's like daytime has suddenly appeared.

The power source for the Convoy L6 comes from the larger 26650 rechargeable batteries - shown here - and is packed in my Bug Out Bag along with my XTAR VC2 battery charger unit and my solar charger. 

This combination of gear cover all my battery needs as the XTAR will also charge the ???? batteries for my smaller torches.

Why do I think this is the Best Torch For Camping And Survival?

Lets take a look at the LED that produces the light - the CREE XHP70 N4 LED is a top notch LED with a maximum output of 4500Lm.

Quite simply, that's a massive amount of light and it throws it out some 100 metres with ease on the 'turbo' setting.
Other settings include - candlelight, low, medium & strobe function.

My video review of

The Convoy L6

Convoy L6 Specifications:

Front switch changes modes.

Tail switch operates the main on/off control

Current price: £42  
for the latest prices & Availability:

Check Price Here

A good torch like this one is essential to your kit.
This one offers a lot for the money and was by far the brightest torch I have every tested out.

Overall, something to consider adding to your bug out bag

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide

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