Ebola Children’s safety equipment and protective clothing

 Children’s safety equipment and protective clothing  – to protect against Ebola

child ebola maskAs with any viral outbreak that has the potential to mutate into an epidemic, it is essential to be prepared with the necessary protective safety wear that gives a level of defence against the virus.

One of the most common mistakes you can make is to have insufficient amounts of protective clothing.

The next commonly overlooked area is children’s safety equipment and protective clothing.

This article is very specific to this important area of surviving and epidemic.

As with all adult protective clothing, all areas must be protected in order to stop the virus spreading – contact with body fluids is the number one level of defence in the case of the Ebola Disease Virus.

Children’s safety equipment and protective clothing : Top 3 Essential Safety Items

A child sized mouth and nose mask

Available from 3M and gives protection against fluid splashes and prevents ingestion by the child.

The N95 Health Care Respirators come in pack of two.




Child sized medical gloves:

These small sized gloves for children are available in clear or blue latex and suitable for smaller hands.

The Reliance Medical Religlove Nitrile Powder-free and the Clear Vinyl Gloves are both available by the box of 100.


Eye protection:

 Small child sized goggles.

The eyes are another essential area the should be protected from any splashes or unwanted body fluids.

These small liquid proof Children’s Safety Goggles (small) will prevent this from happening.


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