Magnum Original Side Zip Boots Review

Magnum Original SIde Zip Tactical Boots Review magnum tactical boots loge

In this survival kit review I am testing a pair of Original Side Zip boots from Magnum. The side zips are part of Magnum's "Force" range and very much a tactical boot.

In the review I take these boots for a nice 10k hike across fields and through forest with very uneven and muddy ground as well as about 1k along stone paths.

I have been wanting to test out these Magnum boots for a while now, especially to see how their featured zip action works with the slip on - slip off, feature.

Technical Stuff

This is pretty much straight from Magnum themselves  - as they know how the boot is really made..!

  • Available in UK size 4 - 13 
  • YKK circular side-zip for quick donning and doffing 
  • Ballistic Nylon and Natural Leather upper section
  • Comfortable suede ankle collar
  • High traction oil resistant carbon rubber sole 
  • EVA wedge for additional underfoot comfort  
  • Steel shank for torsional rigidity  
  • Removable contoured insole
  • Tested and certified to European Standard EN 20347 
  • SRA slip resistant 
  • CambrelleĀ® linings - offering abrasion resistance that adapt to foot motion

Non technical stuff - Just my opinion.....

side view of the Magnum Original Side Zip Tactical BootsThese side zips are one good looking pair of boots and very well styled - They look as good in the field as they do walking down the street.

They are extremely well styled, but the most striking part of these boots is their weight - modern technology has allowed Magnum to produce a boot that is not only very tough and durable but is feather light as well.

Throughout my 10k walk with these boots on, never once did they feel heavy or cumbersome - in fact, I found the complete opposite, as it was just like walking in my slippers...!

see prices and availability here: - Online offer 

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So, 'do they work in the field'.? - take a look at this video and see what happens.



In conclusion - Do they work in the field.? 

A resounding yes they do. This boot is just a part of their Magnum Essential Equipment and the side zips are one of many quality Magnum boots to choose from - I think I'm off now to check out their full Boot Range.


Happy prepping folks.....


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