Apr 11 2017

All Prepping And Bushcraft Skills Will Perish

All Prepping And Bushcraft Skills Will Perish

How much prepping gear do you have?  Is your stored food and water limitless? Do you have prepping and bushcraft skills for all situations?

The answer to the above question is:​
You have only a fraction of what you think you need.
Your food and water will run out a lot quicker than you think!
You don't have anywhere near the amount of skills you need to survive.

The three things guaranteed to kill you in a survival situation are:  environment, water and food.​
If your unable to defeat any one of these three, then your dead.  

A massive problem arises when you come to realise that ​you actually need a huge amount of basic bushcraft and survival skills to be able to overcome those three killers.

Could You Survive, or will you let all your prepping and bushcraft skills perish?

Do you have the skills to survive?  You may have a few basic bushcraft skills:  Maybe you can sharpen a knife, or know how to fish, or have some idea what foods can be foraged from the woods.
You may even know how to catch a rabbit, how to field dress it and skin it, and get it ready for the frying pan.

But when was the last time you went out and actually practised your proudly well earned survival skill?

It's spring time now as I write this article and every single one of you, who thinks they are prepping and learning to survive, should be out there, every weekend, practising your survival skills.​

It can be done. and here's just one example of ways you can start:  
Practising your food procurement by going fishing.​ Practice gutting and preparing your catch, and then cook it.
Don't drive to you fishing spot - hike there, and do it with a full pack, and use a map and compass as well.
Hike at night and up the stakes..!
Hike in the rain and cold, and even better, the snow - test yourself, even if it's only for relatively short distances.

Sure, watching survival videos will help you, reading books and speaking to others will help you.  But nothing will benefit you more than going out and doing it.  Not only once, but constant practice.  

You can learn a survival skill once, and a month down the line you've forgotten it, or at the very least, your ability to perform that skill has decreased, and why?  Because all prepping and bushcraft skills will perish with time.  Even a short amount of time, unless your go out and practice them.

Set up an 'un-noticeable' camp and try to be discrete and go 'under the radar'.
Learn to make things:
 This is probably one of the most fundamental skills you need for survival.  Get down and dirty, and get involved by making essential tools.
Go out and practice all the skills you have learned. Fishing, trapping, hunting, camp discipline, fire making, woodworking, metalworking (blacksmithing), food prep, growing food, livestock management....
The list can go on and on.

But simply hiking out somewhere away from the crowds, setting up a camp base and doing a bit of fishing and actually cooking over an open fire that you started will give you a whole host of skills that become ingrained with practice.
Plus it's incredibly enjoyable when done right.​

In essence it doesn't really matter how much food you have stashed away, an how much equipment you have. You can only take so much with you if you decide to bug out.

It's knowledge and having the skills to put that knowledge into practice that will count.​

A basic woodworking kit​ that allows you to cut, carve, shape and bore a piece of wood into a useful survival tool, is actually worth more to you than having the tool itself.

If you can learn some metalworking skill, and by that I mean some black-smithing skills, you open the door to making, maintaining and repairing your own survival equipment.

If you can learn to become proficient and practise those skills, your chances of true survival increase ten fold.

However, just sit there any think you can do it and it's pretty much guaranteed that you prepping and bushcraft skills will perish.

Happy Prepping Folks.....

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