Best Legal Folding Pocket Knife for UK Survival

Best UK Legal Folding Pocket Knife
Reviews and Comparison Guide

A pocket knife is one of the very few knives you are legally allowed to carry in the UK.

As we all know, our knife laws are very strict and if you are caught carrying an illegal knife you could be looking at some serious repercussions.

If you are in any way in doubt about knife ownership or carrying a knife, I suggest clicking here to see what the law says.

I would also like to add that the legalities of carrying a knife of any sort depends on the circumstances and the type of knife – a folding, NON-LOCKABLE, pocket knife is one of the few legal weapons you can carry around.

But you would be setting yourself up for big problems carrying one into a football match or to a concert, if you got stopped ……
So, you see what I mean, it can also depend largely on the – ‘The Circumstances’

best llegal folding knife

What Constitutes A Legal Knife? 

  • The knife must have a folding blade that is fully enclosed when folded closed.
  • The blade length must be less than 3" long (76.2mm)
  • The knife must be non locking

The blade must not be fixed and can only be opened by actually folding the blade out – a flick knife style blade that springs the blade out is not considered to be folding..

In fact, ANY type of assisted opening blade, like a flick knife is illegal. 

  • So, for the purpose of this comparison guide I have concentrated on LEGAL pocket knives for the UK only.

So what makes the Best Folding Pocket Knife for Survival here in the UK?

  • Blade is locked in position when closed
  • High quality blade material
  • Very light weight
  • One hand operation to open blade
  • Belt, pocket clip or own pouch

Below is a typical example of a superb, non locking knife:

This type of quality folding pocket knife is perfectly UK legal – this one comes with a nice belt pouch as well.

I especially like the wood handle scales, that's a nice touch – not bad for under £35 – a nice lightweight carbon steel knife and belt pouch… bargain.!

uk legal folding pocket knife

* Limited number are available at the moment.

best folding tactical knife
legal pocket knife
legal folding knife
knife case

This is a very good EDC knife - I have owned this one for a while now and it has performed very well.
It holds an edge well and sharpens easily - being a carbon steel blade there's no rusting issues either.
You can also remove the wood scales, turning this into a good looking skeleton knife - very nice....

I got mine from Amazon and they were around £35.
Check the availability and price here > EDC 5 stainless steel

Steve Hart 
UK Preppers Guide

But, What Is The Right Knife For You?

Ask yourself this question – “what do I want to use my pocket knife for?”

If it's sole purpose is for opening the odd parcel or difficult envelope then just about any will do – even a cheap one, Blunt or sharp, it won't make much difference!

However, survival is a different thing altogether and if you will be using it for survival purposes then you you need to consider what these are.

EDC, hunting, skinning, cooking and even self defence. These are all considerations when choosing a new folding pocket knife.

A lot of people want their legal pocket knife to not only function properly, but to be a 'work of art' and will choose a handmade knife.
These really are something a bit special, and a pocket knife to be proud of.
Here's a few typical handmade Damascus knives below: 

See all Damascus knives here

See all Damascus knives here

See all Damascus knives here

Price Considerations When Buying A Pocket Knife.

It is generally considered a waste of money buying a knife simply because it's cheap. The thoughts are it is made from inferior materials and will easily fail, normally when you need it the most!

But, fortunately folding pocket knives are relatively inexpensive, in fact a quality 'hand made' knife, using high end materials and steels will only set you back between £35 - £85.

I consider this to be good value for money, especially considering the quality and uniqueness you are getting in your knife.

When it comes to a more 'mass produced' knife, I have found the quality to be rather good.
In theory it is always better to go with a the tried and tested manufacturer.
But, when it comes to pocket knives, the build and material quality is normally a very high standard.

If, for some reason, you over work your pocket knife, you stand a chance of the blade getting damaged or even snapping.

Of course there's always going to be some inferior steel knocking around, but generally you will be fine as we are only talking pocket knives here, not rambo style hunting knives, where you hacking your way through the bush..!

The up side of all this is, pocket knives represent very good value for money. Even a knife costing just £5:00 will still be very good..!

My Top Contender For Best Legal Folding Pocket Knife

  • Stainless steel
  • 70mm blade lenght
  • Leather belt pouch
  • 100 gram weight
  • with pouch - £19 - £25
  • without pouch £16 - £19

The Grizzly Bushcraft pocket folding knife is completely legal to carry in the UK.

It is a fully non locking blade under the 75mm legal limit. Easily opened and packs away in an (optional) leather carry belt pouch.​

Available with or without a leather pouch.

click image for price & availability

Are You Looking For A Locking Knife?
See my article explaining about the lock knife here, or:
See Lock Knife Reviews Video and For Sale here

Remember, carrying a folding pocket knife,  with blade under 3" that is non locking, is perfectly within the law in the UK.

Make sure you are aware of the updated UK knife laws: click button to view here:

You can carry a folding knife on your person because "The UK Law says You Can"
So, just be a bit sensible as to exactly where you carry it, and don't put yourself in a position where it may be confiscated because of your lack of local knowledge.

Don't get caught out - get prepared first.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide


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  1. Prepared

    I will check the actual act itself, but I am sure it states a knife with a cutting edge less than 3 inches.

  2. Tony Leader

    Is a Kukri breaking the Law?
    I am a Survivalist and it is what I consider an essential piece of my Kit.

  3. Douglas Hyrax

    Non locking knife blades on folders are intrinsically UNSAFE for certain non combat applications ….DUHH OBVIOUSLY a razor sharp non locking blade has the potential of doing permanent maiming damage to the fingers clasped around the handle of the knife …they laws in UK are insanely biased to simply presume that every single person is a threat and the fallacy that laws will protect ….overbearing mommy laws might reduce certain statistics but they also DO go a long way to preventing the average law abiding citizen from defending himself and other innocents ….the fact is that the Law CAN NOT protect people against attacks from crazy criminals …. Some might assume it is a good trade off simply looking at statistics based on relatively peaceful times of general prosperity, But that mindset certainly does NOT address what things very well MIGHT deteriorate to at any moment ….In which case the public WILL be caught with their pants all the way down round their ankles and victims of their OWN stupidity as much as the criminal element…. Society is gambling with everyone’s lives and statistics over the long haul indicate that it is a FOOLISH gamble in the long run ….

  4. Manicmechanic71

    What is your opinion on the Lansky legal carry knives? They’re very strong but stiff to open.

  5. John Bell

    Please be aware some officers may measure the whole blade, right upto the handle, not just the sharpened part. My 3 inch SAK was measured at 3 and a quarter despite my prostestations!

    1. Ross

      John Bell That’s likely because cops are just people. And as we know people with authority and power like to abuse it for there own satisfaction. Therefore the police are not to be trusted just like any other stranger you meet in the street. Trust is earned not given even with a badge and a gun.

      And you might reply saying well if you were in need of the police you’ll be thankful of there presence then. Well I say to that the police are a tool to be used when needed but not to be trusted to follow the law or be decent to you.

      Avoid them if you can and you’ll be better off.

  6. Joe

    7.62 centimetres surely? 7.62mm wouldn’t be worth using!

    1. UK Prepper

      Nicely spotted there Joe.
      Amended to 76.2mm
      thank you…

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