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Water To Go Free Prize Draw

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Prepping For SHTF Essential Plans

Prepping For SHTF  Making a plan is exactly what prepping is all about, as is preparing for the worse case scenarios that may well happen to you, specifically in your area.This is an overall look at some of the essential things you must consider, and make them part of your bug out plan BEFORE the …

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Best Air Rifle Scope For UK Preppers

Best Air Rifle Scope For UK Preppers Best Air Rifle Scope Review Admittedly, it’s been awhile since the air rifle has been viewed as a state of the art military weapon, firearm, or even handy for big game hunting. But it’s still a reliable piece for purposes such as competitive target shooting, pest control, recreational …

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Survive A Three Day Electrical Blackout

Are You Prepared?How To Survive A Three Day Electric Blackout Doesn’t sound much does it…Just three days without electricity. Can’t be that difficult to get by.?Well you would think so wouldn’t you?​Let me tell you this – having no electricity for just three days will disrupt your lifestyle like you’d never believe!Yes. it really is …

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