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Prepping Equipment for food storage – dehydrator and vacuum sealer

basic prepping equipment

Prepping Equipment For Food Storage,Bug Out, Camping & HikingThe Food Dehydrator & Vacuum sealer In this article I want to concentrate on the main storage equipment and the essential prepping equipment that is easy to use and readily available to preppers in the UK.This list could be adapted to suit your own survival needs and situation.​Some items …

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Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Review

revive H2O water filter bottle

Safe Drinking Water From The Revive H2O Portable Water Filter Bottle Under 2p Per Litre For Safe, Clean Drinking Water- a water filter bottle is a must for any prepper – Today I’m reviewing a new water filter bottle that has just come onto the prepping market and, as usual in my reviews I will …

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Edible Insects For Survival

Edible Insects For Survival There are lots of edible insects to choose from Earwigs are edible and tasty too. Simple to catch, requiring little time and effort, you can have an jar full of earwigs before you know it. Just fill an old can or jar with 1/2″ of vegetable oil or similar liquids, even …

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Eating Insects For Survival Crickets and Grasshoppers

Eating Insects For Survival Crickets, Grasshoppers, Maggots & Earthworms Catch em, Dry em, Roast em and Eat em Crickets and Grasshoppers are easily caught – Take a glass jar, like a Mason Jar and lay it on the ground with a little bait.Use a slice of apple, some old oats, small bits of bread, an old …

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Edible insects UK

insect at desk

  Edible Insects UK Can you really eat insects and bugs? Yes, of course you can, alive or dead, but there’s always that risk of getting something quite nasty as a result. In this review I want  to show you a way you can try a whole selection of insects and bugs that you wouldn’t …

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Can You Eat Insects In The UK

Can You Eat Insects In The UK – Ants, Slugs and Snails Is It Possible To Survive By Eating Insects From The UK? ​Wherever you live there will be insects and most of them are definitely edible insects.When we talk about edible insects in the UK, we have to make a bit of a distinction between …

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How To Make The Best Ever Survival Bread

cooking bannock bread over open fire

How To Make The Best Ever Survival Bread Preppers need to know how to make survival food. These recipes are perfect for prepping and adding to your food store. As a prepper it is mighty important to have as many skills under your belts as you possibly can. After all, your going to need them …

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Three Simple Yet Effective Rain Water Harvesting Methods

rain water harvesting methods in the wilderness

Three Simple Yet Effective Rain Water Harvesting Methods Let’s face it, life is not perfect and in fact, at times it can be pretty harsh and cruel, and unfortunately, that means that disaster can potentially strike at any time. These disasters in question could come in a variety of different forms, including: Natural disasters, terrorist …

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How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun

man drinking dirty water

How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun Knowing how to purify water will save your life. You may think that because you are miles from civilisation that any water source would be safe to drink but this is not the case.After obtaining shelter, water is your next priority and …

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Survival Water Bottle With Filter

What is the best Water Bottle with Filter for Survival? With so many to choose from, what portable water filter is best for survival  Every Prepper knows the importance given to the acquisition of water supplies and how necessary it is to ensure you have ample clean drinkable water to ensure a higher chance of …

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How to Preserve Food for Survival – making Meat Jerky

jerky in a jar

How to Preserve Food for Survival – making Meat JerkyThere will always be times during a year when food is in abundance. But, the most important thing, as preppers, is to know how to preserve that food for survival when times are hard. Learning the basic survival skill of preserving food goes back to our ancestors …

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Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle – full review

Water Purification For PreppingThe Lifesaver Water Filter Bottle There are a few choices when it comes to filtering and purifying water in a survival situation.From making your own bushcraft style filter using rocks and sand, to building a fire and boiling.But as preppers we all like to keep things nice and simple.Hence, for that reason I …

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