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MRE Meals Ready to Eat

self heating MRE for survival

MRE Meal Ready To Eat For Preppers, Survival And BushcraftAn MRE is simply a Meal Ready to Eat and when most people think of one they usually think military meals, but there are any numbers of civilian versions on the market that are available virtually anywhere in the world that are comparable. Quick Navigation MRE …

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Survival Skills for Hunting and catching your Food

girl with bow - survivalist

How use Survival Skills to Set Snares and Traps Along With Fishing and HuntingHaving enough survival skills to obtain food in the wild is very important to any prepper – While you can survive for weeks without food, it is not recommended you try. You can always obtain food if you have the skills needed to …

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Best Water Filter Straw for Survival

drinksafe water straw

Best Water Filter Straw for Survival  Every Prepper should have several means by which safe drinking water is available regardless of the survival situation and there are several very good choices on the market but what is the Best Water Filter Straw for Survival..?For a quick, on the spot ‘top up’ a Filter Straw is the best method. However, …

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Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out

man filling a lifesaver jerry can

Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out    Once the decision has been made to Bug Out,  all preppers should be fully prepared with a full Bug Out Survival Kit loaded and ready to go. This must include a good water purification method. So choosing the Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out becomes very important for …

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Best Emergency Survival Water Filter and Purification

safe water in glasses

Best Emergency Survival Water Filter and PurificationSafe drinking water is the most essential item on any preppers list and having a means to get it is no longer a problem using an Emergency Survival Water Filter for the purification of contaminated water.Furthermore, storing water at home is not a problem for most of us – but …

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Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers

water bottle hand pump

Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers Survival fact -You can last 3 weeks without food BUT ONLY 3 days without water  After 3 days without water your internal organs begin to shut down and become damaged leading to a very fast death. This makes both short and long term water storage, a very high priority for any survivalist.When …

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