Why Do Preppers Prep | Should I Be Preparing For Doomsday

Why Do Preppers Prep
Should I Be Preparing For Doomsday

What are preppers prepping for?  

Is it Doomsday, Armageddon, or simply an unknown disaster that could effect us all?  To honest, I think most preppers would give a more simpler answer to the question of  'why do preppers prep'.
And that is:
We are prepping for the "What Ifs".  By that I mean, what if something big were to happen - if it did, then your average prepper will already have a lot of the survival bases covered, and if it was only a small level disaster, I'm pretty sure we could survive with confidence and not too much trouble at all.

Every prepper should be ready when the SHTF​, with a plan of action, supplies, equipment and knowledge, and another plan in case something goes wrong..!

This is my simple philosophy 

I have been prepping for a long while now and slowly built up supplies of food, water and equipment.  I also have a good understanding of survival and bushcraft skills, which I practice on a regular basis.

I feel confident that I could comfortably ride out the first month of a nationwide disaster​.

  • It has been proven that if you can survive the first 30 days of a disaster, you stand a 90% chance of survival.

But that'snot all I prep for

What about a lesser disaster?

Although having long term preps is good, there's uses for your "stash" other than major SHTF disasters.
A typical example might be receiving an unexpected high bill, or worse still loosing your job.
In that case, calling on your stored food supplies means you don't have to spend out when funds are low.
In fact it will give you breathing space to carry on or look for another job without spending on the normal, regular food bills.

That's my theory anyway, Prep big, for any potential major disasters, but use your preps wherever possible to take care of the small stuff. Effectively you should you be asking this one main question:

Should  I Be Preparing For Doomsday?

Simple answer is probably not.  Hasn't happened in my lifetime, or the life times before me, so why now?
That is a lot of peoples answer to the whole end of the earth, doomsday question - a simple, why bother?

But of course preppers exist universally.  Just about everyone is a prepper in one way or another.

You carry a spare tyre for the 'what 'if' puncture.  ​We have buildings insurance, home insurance, contents insurance, holiday insurance, we even have pet insurance.

Then there's health insurance and accident insurance, and so on and so on - I sure you get he picture now.

We all have insurance - but why?

So don't let someone say your daft to prep.  They already do it too.  Of course they'll argue with you that it's not the same, but it is, they are concerned about something happening and are preparing for it in a way they think will help them survive it.

Preppers Are Concerned About The Real Dangers Beyond The Everyday Worries.

Waking up one morning to find there has been a very real, major disaster is one thing.  But not being prepared means just grabbing anything that you think might help you and simply running away.

Don't let this person be you.!

So by considering these types of scenarios, as preppers, we will be very ready for that 'doomsday' event, no matter how big or small.
By being prepared means you have that 'insurance' to face a possible crisis head on.  No faffing about and worrying about what to do.

Essentially that's all prepping is about., and the simple answer to why do preppers prep.

Considering that the Doomsday Clock is dangerously close to meltdown, ​maybe everyone should be asking themselves the question: "Should I be Preparing For Doomsday"?

But the end of world scenario is massive, and even governments, with there billions to spend on it, are not making it a priority (well at least not for us mere member of the general public anyways)

man with big clock

The Doomsday Clock Ticks Closer!

Should You Be Worried About Doomsday?

In my opinion, I don't think so. But, who knows?  That's the big question.  To what level do you actually prep?  
There's got tot be a break even point where too much becomes and obsession and your whole life is spent getting ready for something.

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Me..? I think that I am somewhere hovering about in the middle I think.
Considering that so far in my life nothing major or catastrophic has actually happened here.

Having preps to see you through that 1st month is definitely a good idea.  That's when the chaos will be, and from then on your chances really do increase.

Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of learning skills.  Basic bushcraft and survival skills that will actually keep you alive and help you to procure food, and cook it and preserve it.
Skills that allow you to treat injuries and deal with medic emergencies. Foraging and hunting, and many more basics that are so important to preppers.

Happy Prepping Folks,



    • Nance on August 23, 2017 at 2:02 am
    • Reply

    Our neighboring town had a terrible, unexpected flood. Five inches of rain. Many homes damaged or even
    destroyed. Pets lost. Now there are collections of TP, food and water. Due to getting into the sewerage
    system, anything that got wet is being destroyed.
    So you are spot on, anything can happen!

  1. Good advice from across the pond. Even being a little prepared gives you a pretty good shot at survival versus not prepared at all. Some of this is just the fact that we are already considering survival scenarios.

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