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Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out

man filling a lifesaver jerry can

Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out    Once the decision has been made to Bug Out,  all preppers should be fully prepared with a full Bug Out Survival Kit loaded and ready to go. This must include a good water purification method. So choosing the Best Emergency Water Purification For Bugging Out becomes very important for …

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Best Emergency Survival Water Filter and Purification

safe water in glasses

Best Emergency Survival Water Filter and PurificationSafe drinking water is the most essential item on any preppers list and having a means to get it is no longer a problem using an Emergency Survival Water Filter for the purification of contaminated water.Furthermore, storing water at home is not a problem for most of us – but …

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Best Survival Axe Reviews

axe cutting tree branch

Survival Axe reviews and Comparison Guide Although a Survival Axe makes a good alternative weapon in the UK, it’s primary use is in a preppers survival kit and Bug Out Bag. The survival axe is high up on a UK preppers list and must be taken seriously as an essential bit of survival kit. Considering the …

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Preppers and Survival Words and Phrases

man with information screens spinning around head

  Dictionary of Survival Words and Phrases If you’re new to prepping then there’s a few words and terms you need to know fast in order to understand the Preppers Dictionary. These words are almost universal in the world of preppers, so, when you’re surfing the net looking for more prepping information you’ll be OK. …

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What is a Prepper

man and cat wearing foil hats

What is a Prepper    Quite often someone will ask ‘What is a Prepper’.? Are they really the tin foil hat wearing loonies waiting for aliens to land or a melt down in society so they can sit and eat one of the 10.000 packets of extra protein biscuits they’ve hoarded over the last five years….  Well, actually… …

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Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers

water bottle hand pump

Water Storage Methods for UK Preppers  Survival fact – You can last 3 weeks without food BUT ONLY 3 days without water   After 3 days without water your internal organs begin to shut down and become damaged leading to a very fast death. This makes both short and long term water storage, a very …

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What is Preparedness UK

what is preparedness for a uk prepper

What is the state of preparedness in the UK Is it posible for a total meltdown of our society? A lot of people are now realising we are in a very fragile time of this earths and mans evolution and there is a very real chance of a major shift across our planet. “What would …

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