Best Survival Axe Reviews

Survival Axe reviews and Comparison Guide


Although a Survival Axe makes a good alternative weapon in the UK, it’s primary use is in a preppers survival kit and Bug Out Bag. The survival axe is high up on a UK preppers list and must be taken seriously as an essential bit of survival kit.

Considering the type of work that is expected from a survival axe, it is definitely necessary to buy quality and avoid the cheaper products out there at the moment.



This is my ”QUICK REVIEW” of one of what I consider to be one of the best survival axes available today –

The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe – { the bigger brother of the Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet, on the list below }

Main features of the Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe – 


  • Will fit into a survival rucksackaxe 1
  • Includes a leather safety carry hood
  • 19″ Hickory wood handle – I found this a perfect size
  • Good size chopping head – 3 1/4″
  • The edge holds its sharpness 
  • Will cut through a 6″ diameter timber with ease
  • Easy to handle and precise when preparing kindling wood
  • Extremely comfortable handle


It was very difficult to find fault with this axe and maybe being picky I would say that for the bigger jobs a larger axe would be more suitable – maybe if you had to do a lot of log splitting – but generally this is a 5 star Forest Axe. The weight may be an issue to some (just under 1 Kg) if you like to travel real light… But I haven’t found this to be a problem at all and the pluses far outweigh that one point. In fact I found that little bit extra weight gives more momentum for the bigger chopping and log splitting jobs.

The one thing that made me think twice about purchasing was the slightly higher price over a Gerber or the Husqvarna Hatchet, but I have seen reviews where they have been slagged off for poor quality and finish.

The very last thing I want in any survival situation is have inferior tools, especially somethi
ng as important as a survival axe 3axe, which can be a life saver – however, to prove the quality Gransfors put their money where their mouth is by ensuring each and every one of their axe heads is individually forged and stamped by the smithy who made it AND offer you a 20 year guarantee against any defective workmanship – now how good is that….

So, all in all,  this a nice bit of survival kit that is well worth getting 






There are, of course, a few other survival axes that are worth considering so I put together the chart below to give some comparisons between the features –

I hope this helps your choice.



  • Use the up/down comparison arrows to help your choice.

Long handle splitting axe from Gansfos Buks
- with leather axe head sheath
- hand forged
- 20 year guarrentee

for more information, reviews & prices, click here
Husqvarna Splitting Axe
- hand forged
- straight hickory handle

for more information, reviews & prices, click here
Fiskars X27 super splitting axe
- hardened forged steel blade
- shock absorbing FiberComp handle

for more information, reviews & prices, click here
S.A.Wetterling 32K large splitting axe
- American hickory handle
- Swedish hand forged

for more information, reviews & prices, click here
Hultafors Agdor large feling axe
- Swedish hand forged steel
- Swedish hickory handle

for more information, reviews & prices, click here
Roughneck splitting maul axe
- fibreglass handle
- drop forged steel

for more information, reviews & prices, click here
Hilka Long Handled Axe
- fibre glass shaft
- soft grip handle grip
- forged steel head

for more information, reviews & prices, click here



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