Category: August 2016

Aug 30 2016

Survival Hammock For Your Bug Out Bag

How To Choose A Survival Hammock For Your Bug Out BagFor the lone prepper a hammock is without doubt one of the best choices for sleeping and shelter when it comes to bugging out.Choosing one to suit your needs is a very straightforward process. In a hurry…!Skip straight to video review here: Skip straight to prices …

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Aug 16 2016

Best Torch For Camping

Could This Be The Best Torch For Camping & Survival A lot of people view a torch as just something to have handy in one of your kitchen drawers, in case you need it… Of course, being a prepper, I completely disagree.!Skip straight to video review here: A good torch is an absolute necessity and something …

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Aug 12 2016

Basic Survival Skills – Grow Your Own Survival Food

different vegetables

Basic Prepping & Survival SkillsGrow Your Own FoodThere are many reasons to grow your own food other than for pure survival and living of the grid. Cost is the main reason people will farm a portion of their gardens to produce fresh fruit and vegetable for free. Just about anyone can have a crop of …

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Aug 09 2016

Solar Cooker For Preppers and Survival

This could Be The Best Solar Cooker For Preppers And Survival Ever..!! The heart of the GoSun Solar Cooker. In the past I have been out, in the woods, trying out new bushcraft and survival skills.And often thought that watching over my food to make sure it doesn’t burn, can take up a lot of …

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Aug 07 2016

HX OUTDOORS D Fixed Edge Knife Review

Knife Review: The HX Outdoors D – Bushcraft / Tactical / Survival Knife For those of you out there who like an unusual knife, the HX Outdoors D, certainly meets that criteria. In keeping with most Preppers and Bushcrafters, I like my knives. I have expensive knives and cheap knives and they all work fine. I …

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Aug 01 2016

Self Defence For Women

Self Defence For Women I am a great believer in being able to defend yourself and get out of a potentially dangerous situation, without the need to call for help. I also think that this should apply to both men and women. You don’t have to be big or strong to defend yourself. Quite simply, …

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