Category: December 2015

Dec 24 2015

Go Kit Essentials | Guest Post

Go-to kit essentialsWhen it comes to the basics of a plan for all scenarios there are a few standard bits of kit worth adding:An interesting guest article by: Adam RetterI have been thinking recently: “what everyday and overlooked items are multi use whilst giving most bang for the buck?”It led me to remembering my younger bushcraft …

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Dec 20 2015

Best Preppers Air Rifle for Hunting Small Game and Survival in the UK

man with air rifle BSA ultra

Best Air Rifle For Hunting And Survival In The UK There are many different air powered rifles available in the UK. However, there are two distinct differences to consider when choosing the best air rifle.The two distinct differences are a matter of the law. To own a air rifle that is more powerful than 12 …

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Dec 13 2015

Best Value For Money LED Flashlight Torch

Could This Be The Best Value For Money LED Flashlight Torch Or more specifically: could this be the best for your compact EDC  The Convoy S2+   1000 Lumens Of White LightThere are many LED torches that are ideal for us preppers, but I have come across this nice bit of kit and definitely recon it needs a bit of …

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Prepping And Survival Equipment Review Videos

Prepping And Survival Equipment Review Videos How To Make A DIY Bushcraft Knife With Basic ToolsRead More  Best Portable Water Filter Bottle – Water To GoRead More  UK Legal Pepper Spray for Self Defence | Video Review And TestRead More  Bushbox XL Survival Stove ReviewRead More  Best fire starter for bushcraft and survivalRead More  Best …

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Dec 10 2015

Citizen Survivors Handbook | Book Review

CITIZEN SURVIVOR’S HANDBOOK”Post Apocalyptic Humour At Its Best”BOOK REVIEWThe Citizen Survivor’s Handbook’ is a work of fiction. However, it is heavily influenced by the propaganda published in Britain during the 1940s.During this time, particularly after the British evacuation of Dunkirk, there was a very real, plausible and imminent threat of Nazi invasion as part of …

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Dec 07 2015

Surviving winter if you are stranded in you car

Surviving winter if you are stranded in you car What would you do if you found yourself stranded.?  Being stranded in your car in nice weather is bad enough, but getting stranded in ice and snow and surviving winter weather is something you must be prepared for.As preppers we all prepare for natural disasters of …

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Dec 02 2015

Silent Hunting With A Catapult

Silent Hunting With A Catapult Every prepper knows the importance of having back up plans.They are essential to ensure you can complete any task needed to enable you to survive.But this also applies to equipment as well. Being able to procure your own food in a SHTF situation means you would be able to eat …

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