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Best Survival Weapons for Self Defence

baseball club with nails

The Best Survival Weapons for Self DefenceA guest article by: Monica Rivers Prepping and survival have become hot topics amongst most Westerners during the last few years. For whatever reason, we have a genuine fascination with what might happen if the Electrical Grid goes down. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of …

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Best Tactical Watch For Survival And Prepping

What is the Best Tactical Watch For Survival And Prepping.? Or more importantly – What makes the right wristwatch to help you survive? What wristwatch improves your prepping equipment?What’s a ‘tactical’ watch anyway? What makes the right wristwatch to help you survive? As with all prepping and survival – always choose what fits your particular …

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Lock Knife | Locking Knives For Survival And Prepping

pocket folding lock knife on belt clip

Lock Knife Locking Knives For Survival And Bushcraft Firstly, lock knives are legal to own, however, it is illegal to carry a lock knife in public, without a very good reason to do so. more info this article:UK knife law It is not exclusively knives that can be locked either:This is my Leatherman Wave, a multi-tool which has …

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Useful Survival Methods

Useful Survival Methods Why is it that some people are able to survive a life threatening situation and other become a complete mess and ultimately die?What is it that differentiates the ‘men’ from the ‘boys’ and gives you that fighting chance of surviving.This article is a very basic outline of useful survival methods that anyone can …

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