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Wolverine Bushcraft Knife by TBS Knives Review From Des Cattys

Bushcraft Knife Review – The ‘Wolverine’ by TBS Knives.Guest Post By: Des, from Des Cattys.If there is any subject that can turn best friends into best enemies it’s the subject of knives. It’s a crazy subject that every owner of such tools claims to have the best of: To be honest I don’t get drawn …

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Backwoods Blacksmithing How To Make A Forge

How To Make A Forge For Backwoods BlacksmithingGuest article, kindly sent in by: Gary Johnston – Jack Raven Bushcraft & Ross Berry – Kaos BlacksmithsIf you’ve ever wanted to be able to make some of your own bushcraft kit, such as knives and traditional fire steels, but thought that building a forge was out of your budget …

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Mora Knives – Are They The Best Knife For Survival And Prepping

Top Mora Knives For Preppers And BushcraftMora knivesAre They The Best Knife For PreppingHaving a good knife is the absolute essential piece of survival gear you must include in your bugout bag.Without doubt, one of the most used, is the brand of knives from Mora of Sweden.  In this article I will be looking at the …

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