Edible Insects For Survival

Edible Insects For Survival

There are lots of edible insects to choose from

Earwigs are edible and tasty too.

Simple to catch, requiring little time and effort, you can have an jar full of earwigs before you know it.

Just fill an old can or jar with 1/2" of vegetable oil or similar liquids, even some beer will do and then leave the can on the ground.
The earwigs will soon sniff it out and find there way into your can and drown.

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Once you have collected enough, simply strain the liquid and fry or toast over a fire.

Earwigs are just the tip of the edible insects iceberg 

Similar insect to earwigs that can also be eaten by roasting, frying or adding to a stew are:

  • cockroaches
  • most beetles
  • moths
  • moth larve
  • wasps
  • bees
  • scorpions & spiders  [** remove venom glands & stingers]

Fancy trying some edible insects, then take a look at my taste test video of some edible insects.


Interested In Tasting Your Own Edible Insects?

The edible insect selection in my video above was supplied by BugGrub in Norfolk, UK.
If you are interested in trying your bug selection we have good news for you in the way of a special discount for UK Prepper Guide readers.

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Bugs are a great source of food - but eat them safely.

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Don't get caught out - get prepared first.

dried buf food

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide
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