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Bug In or Bug Out | A Prepping Dilemma

Bug In or Bug Outthat’s the big question What do you think you would do if the SHTF?What would it take for you to leave your home and just go..?Well, it would take me a lot – I would have to be on the absolute point of a confirmed do or die situation to bug …

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Merry Christmas to all UK Preppers

Merry Christmas to all UK Preppers   Well, the world didn’t end this year…! Phew, another narrow escape for all of us…. That being the case, merry Christmas fellow preppers. I hope you all enjoy a well earned break, and for those of you having to work over the festive period – thank you. Yes, …

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UK Prepping Facts

UK Prepping Facts Today I want to share some prepping facts with you. Nothing too fancy, just some simple figures to give you an idea of the way prepping is going in the UK today. As you may well know, the UK Preppers Guide website has been up and running for just over two years …

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