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Prepping The Best Family Hobby Ever

Prepping – The Best Family Hobby Ever Prepping, for a lot of people, starts of as a tiny spark of your conscience  telling you that just maybe you should have a few ‘back up’ items in your home, just in case.You might see a few disturbing things on the TV and wonder, could they happen …

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Bug Out Bag | For Sale Guide

Bug Out Bag | For Sale GuideWhen your considering buying a bug out bag there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula.It must always be equipped, accessible, as lightweight as possible and tailored to suit your individual needs. Layout all your bugging out equipment on the floor and work from there – the type of …

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Hurricane Lantern Old School Preppers Light

Hurricane Lantern Old School Preppers LightYou only have to go back to the 1950s to know that just about every household had a Hurricane Lantern hanging in their home. Before the high production of small, lightweight batteries, and definitely before anyone had even considered solar power, you had the very trusty Hurricane Lantern. In fact, they …

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Basic Bug Out Bag Knowledge Guide

bug out bag | guide

Basic Bug Out Bag Knowledge GuideOne of the biggest decisions a prepper will ever make is whether to bug out or to hunker down and ride out a crisis.As a prepper in the UK you have to approach the whole bug out scenario a bit differently to our American friends who have literally millions of …

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Prepping Equipment for food storage – dehydrator and vacuum sealer

basic prepping equipment

Prepping Equipment For Food Storage,Bug Out, Camping & HikingThe Food Dehydrator & Vacuum sealer In this article I want to concentrate on the main storage equipment and the essential prepping equipment that is easy to use and readily available to preppers in the UK.This list could be adapted to suit your own survival needs and situation.​Some items …

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Best Waist Pack Bug Out Bag For Prepping

bugging out best bag

Best Waist Pack Bug Out Bag For PreppingWhat actually makes a good bug out bag?There are loads of “experts” here on the internet who will tell you all sorts of things about what you should have and what you shouldn’t have, when it comes to Bugging Out. There’s the minimalist, you only need a small …

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